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Coffee please

Yesterday at Eroticon was wonderful. I listened, made notes, chatted, laughed and ate the lovely lunch. The coffee wasn’t so good, but then catered coffee at conferences never it. Last night, after a meal in Covent Garden and a bus journey back to Camden, we joined the social. I drank too much wine and we had a late night. Plans to get up early have gone a little awry. But I am showered, and I have had some very nice coffee. Almost ready for part 2.

Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “Coffee please”

  1. Sorry about the coffee situation, hopefully the rest made up for it…. I know I have said this before but I love your nipple piercing.


    1. It’s no problem. We should have got up early enough to make sure we had already had our caffeine fix! We loved everything about the weekend. Thank you xx

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