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The mark

We have spoken so many times about me getting a tattoo. I know that he loves a woman with tattoos marking her body. In theory I love the idea too and want what he wants. But all along I have had a few worries. First is the fact that his former slave had a number of tattoos. Indeed she had his initials tattooed onto her leg at the very time they were breaking up. I caught both sides of that argument, but suffice to say it didn’t end well. Personally, no matter the dynamic of the relationship you must want this kind of thing for yourself as well as them. I think that another persons initials indelibly inked upon your body take some consideration.For me, well that is not the worry. I think I want symbols rather than initials on my skin. I have Master’s collar and cuff. I have the knowledge that I am owned. I don’t need his initials.

What then? I have been thinking of a butterfly.

A butterfly signifies the beauty of the natural world around us. It shows that as a slave while I want to show off and be proud that he is my Master I also want to settle down beside or on top of him. It demonstrates that while I could easily fly away I choose to stay close, safely by his side.

But also it shows that I am vulnerable and need protection. It seems that I am confident, but in actual fact I am not. I am anxious about the future and need his reassurance.

I am confident that we will get that tattoo. Another sign of his Mastership over me. But also of my freedom to express myself. Where though should that tattoo be?

I am thinking a breast, or buttock or perhaps somewhere else…………


  1. Pam owen says:

    I like the idea of a tattoo symbolising your dynamic, i got my first one this year, it was a joint decision on design or where. I loved the idea of buttocks but, my only thought from my side, was I loved marks left from Master, I loved seeing them and felt very proud of them, so having a design there, you will loose seeing marks and seeing the tattoo. Depending on the size of the tattoo as well. I love the idea on breast, a butterfly would look beautiful there. Its funny you mentioned butterflies, ive been looking for designs to cover my scar on my tummy, and found i loved seeing butterflies and flowers together, but i absolutely love your description of the butterfly story along with your dynamics. I agree about innicials tho, yes Ive master on mine but people coukd see it and think its just about the picture, not us.
    Good luck with your search, hope you find something you both like, but remember youre wearing it, and if something awful happened in the future between you, you can still see it and know what it represents for what you want in life. But look forward to hearing more about it xxxx

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks Pam,

    I completely agree this has to be something that I am willing to wear for the rest of my life. A butterfly most appeals to me, it is just deciding exactly where it should be is where I am stuck. I need to contact you about labial piercings, we can’t get them done in London due to FGM issues. But will need to leave that to another day!

  3. May More says:

    Firstly – thanks for your great comment on my guest post –
    Now it seems many people like butterflies as tattoos – so maybe there would be many designs to choose from. My grown-up child has a Chinese symbol – looks really good. I do not have one, do not want one but love the look and artistry of them…

  4. Julie says:

    I never wanted a tattoo. But faced with the idea that someone wants me too have one, I am forced to think about it. Actually I want one and the one I want is a butterfly.

    Happy to comment May, Lapsed Catholic Wife’s post spoke to me and so I needed to say something. I am struck by how much our formative lives impact on the people we are 30 or 40 years later xx

  5. May More says:

    I know absolutely – I do have more to say about the whole religion thing – post later on. But I feel so much – even me with what I did in a church – that it is a place that has so many special(spiritual) meanings to a person – even if not brought up with religion – but yes, sometimes because of a life of brainwashing x

  6. Oh totally agree . . . butterflies would (may?) do it for me . . . and Sammi obviously feels the same way as well! LOL !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Butterflies are really beautiful! I look forward to some pics once you have chosen a design and place for your tattoo ?

    Rebel xox

  8. Julie says:

    If and when I have it done. I will definitely be posting plenty of photos ?


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