Q is for Quit

Q was going to be for quotations. In my planned post, I was going to review some of the books I have on my kindle app and pick out some favourite quotes. But we were up early for our flight back home. We got back a little later than we expected following a delay. After a sandwich lunch I went over to my mum’s as we are off out today (Friday is my usual day for visiting). Then back here to cook dinner for Master’s return. Then, and this is the bit where I can’t defend myself, I drank too much wine. Late last night I tweeted that I was quitting since once again I was behind on this meme.

Well Q is for quit, but I am not quitting. I have made it this far and so on I go. Later I will give you R. If I was more organised, I would know what R will be for. But then if I knew that, I wouldn’t be a day behind again!