N is for nothing kinky

Yesterday was such a busy day. The purpose for the first part of our trip was to check the apartment over, clean and make a few running repairs. When we arrived on Thursday we discovered there has been a leak in the bathroom. Possibly from roof repairs that took place over the winter. I was really sad as I only had the bathroom installed last spring. We have managed to clean up most of the water damage, but some of the tile grouting will need more work. Sunday I painted the bedroom in the apartment and then yesterday morning we had to clean and do the laundry. That’s not to say we haven’t had fun, enjoying an afternoon out on Friday and plenty of good food and wine.

Yesterday afternoon, later than we had intended we left the small town where I have the apartment and travelled to Toulouse. Not a long distance since it took about 1.5 hours. The only challenge was accessing the place to return the car at the station. Luckily our hotel was just a short walk away. Today we plan to do some sightseeing, first though we are off for some breakfast.

So, to sum up I have been busy and so missed posting yesterday. Therefore N is for nothing particularly kinky. I will try to write O later….