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Blogging A-Z Challenge: E

E is for erogenous zone

Those wonderful areas of the body that, when touched make us aroused. For me, this includes my breasts (not just nipples), inner thighs (not just labia and clitoris), neck and back. There are more; my tummy, legs and dare I say it even feet.

But where one man’s gentle touch, kiss or lick arouses the utmost pleasure, another’s turned my stomach. Once upon a time a touch to my nipples, my thighs or tummy made me feel ill.

How can this be so?

Because you can’t underestimate the power of the mind in interpreting sensations and they flow through our body. What feels like pleasure in one moment can manifest as pain the next.

There was a time when every time my husband touched my breast, a mental picture of him touching another woman flooded my mind. Added to this, I heard his words telling me that I wasn’t giving him the pleasure he required. It meant nothing to my subconscious that these events had taken place years before because unless drunk, I couldn’t forget them.

Now though I inhabit a different world. Master has done nothing to instil negative images in my mind. When he strokes my flesh and follows those strokes with kisses I am able to focus on the pleasure. On my needs as a woman and on serving him as my Master.

But what about him?

When I met Master he was in another, long distance relationship. This meant that when they were apart he had little or no physical interaction with others. Therefore when I touched him during those first days it had been many months since another human had stroked and caressed his body.

My attempts at reciprocating the pleasure I felt when he touched my body were met with flinches. He wasn’t enjoying me touching the areas that I now know are erogenous zones. It was difficult not to automatically reach out when aroused, but instead to tentatively touch him. It took months before he became used to my attempts to reciprocate what he gave me.

Our erogenous zones are an often untold source of pleasure, when a loved one concentrates their efforts on our arousal we become aroused and ready for sex or whatever is next. But when that touch provides an unpleasant response, it is difficult to understand the cause in ourselves or that other person. Unless you can understand the reasons behind it. To know the history, the back story.

Thankfully we both know and understand where each other has been and thankfully where we are now. Our erogenous zones are different places for us both to explore these days.

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