B is for Butt Plug

I feel compelled to write about this humble device since I have been remiss in its use. Over the past months year or so, I have probably worn either of my two plugs a handful of times. This is in contrast to the agreement we have which states I will wear a plug for two nights a week.

I own two metal njoy plugs. I love the cool, smooth feel of the metal. The arousal that often floods over me as it is gently pushed past my anal sphincter and into place.  I love the feel of heaviness, particularly the larger one. The fact that I am aware of it as I move around or turn over in bed. Then there is the knowledge that this plus will keep my arse ready for Master when he decides to make use of me.

If I love the feel of my plug, why don’t I wear it? The answer is probably one of general laziness. Of being unorganised during the evening so that it is no longer part of my routine. The result though is that I seem to have lost something of my body’s readiness to accept him. Recent attempts at anal sex have been unsuccessful. Part of this seems about being able to find the right position, and something about Master’s erection. But in the main, it has to do with my lack of preparation.

I have realised that if we are to enjoy this element of our sex life going forward, I need to reintroduce the butt plug to my routine. I need spend some time, after clearing up from dinner to preparation for the night. After all, it isn’t that there isn’t time during an evening where I am alone in the house.

B is for Butt Plugs and I need to rediscover mine.