Blogging A-Z Challenge: X, Y & Z

X is for X-rated

Not really a word, but definitely at fact. This place is not safe for work, nor for the under 18. Over the years I have posted some pretty explicit photos, explored my sex life and kinks in flowery language. This kind of thing is not for all, and maybe in my early life it wouldn’t have been for me. Or would it?

I have never shied away from exploring my own or my partners body. I bought the joy of sex soon after I married, but without encouragement didn’t really follow through. Instead he brought home porn films which seemed corny and stupid to me. I guess what I wanted and needed was something a little more advanced and educated. But I was unable or unwilling to express my needs. If I had, perhaps things would have turned out differently.

Now though, we have the internet. I still prefer to read than to watch corny over the top porn videos. But I do love it when, on Tumblr I stumble across a clip of real life porn. The blonde bimbo, massively well endowed stud video is fine, but far removed from my life. I prefer to see an exert of real people having real sex for the joy of it. X rated, but generally not available in the shops.

Y is for year

As previously mentioned, this blog is now 5 years old. For this element of the post  – Y for year I have explored my archives over that time. As you can imagine I don’t always post on 30th April but these are the closest:

April 2012 – This was my 3rd post and was written as I prepared to visit my then Dom. He was heavily into controlling what I would wear. As a concept this was something new and I loved the idea of him controlling that aspect of my life.

April 2013 – Rather than pick 29th which is the closest I have chosen the day before, 28th. It seemed that my ex, who I was still meant to have been living with had been away on holiday with a male friend. This is interesting since this turned out to be a lie and he was away with a woman. I was reflecting too on a day out with a local meet up group. This was a way of doing new things with new people. I didn’t continue to explore social groups for long, but it did help me on my journey and get me out of the house. Contact with the Dom wasn’t all that frequent. The title of the post is interesting; yes it defined my future but not in the way I imagined.

April 2014 – The relationship with S ended in early in January and within weeks I was seeing Master. At the end of April he was preparing to visit his then slave and I was finding  life tough. Things with my ex were coming to a head, my son was home from university. The main problem though was jealousy. Her of me and me of her, not that I clearly understood that at the time. My relationship with Master was developing and hers was on a downwards spiral. Of course, the benefit of hindsight tells me that I had little or nothing to worry about, but of course I didn’t know that then!

April 2015 – A kink of the week post about Watersports. This is more Master’s kink than mine, but I can’t deny I do find it a turn on.

April 2016 – My final post for the Blogging A-Z challenge last year and a photo of the dreaded Zipper!

Z is for Zest

So with my usual perseverance in these matters I have reached the end. Z is for zest and the enthusiasm with which I face the future. It would be entirely true to say that I look forward to life outside work much more than I do my job. My career has been successful, especially in the past few years, but there is more for me now than that

I look forward to living with Master, to being the slave he wants me to be. I hope that I can focus more on that aspect of life. There are many places to which we wish to travel, there are things we wish to see and to do. There are books I want to read, information I wish to glean. Most of all though I have a life I wish to live.

I have a real zest for our life together.


Blogging A-Z Challenge: V&W

It was all going so well. Catching up on the 30 day challenge wasn’t a problem when I was just a day behind. Then leading up to T and U I got myself ahead. I had every intention of continuing in this vein, but work and my social life took over so. Now as the challenge ends today 30th April I find myself requiring V, W, X, Y and Z to complete the thing. As with all of these things planning is the key and if there is one thing I am bad at, it is planning. Actually, no that’s not quite true. I plan well, but if planning includes much more than writing a list, then I am often scuppered. And with this thing, I didn’t even do that.

But I am no quitter (except for the 365 question challenge and 2016 February Photofest so perhaps I am) so here, briefly are V to Z.

V is for vaginismus

Just recently vaginal sex has become painful, and at times I mean really painful. It’s like that bit of my body just doesn’t want anything inside it. There have been times too when I am dry, this can easily be put down to the menopause, and with sufficient foreplay resolved. We can use lubricants for that, but haven’t needed to. Master is, well the master of foreplay and knows how to get my juices going. It might sometimes take longer but it happens. He can explore my body with his fingers, use his mouth and tongue. But as soon as his cock tries to push its way in my muscles seem to clamp shut.

I am not entirely what to do about this problem, but don’t think there is a physical problem with my body. I had a smear less than a year ago and all was good. There is no pain the rest of the time and no bleeding. Therefore it must be psychological. I am sure together we will explore ways of getting over this problem, but for now it is a real pain. Well in the vagina.

I am self diagnosing Vaginismus, but am not entirely sure.

W is for weekends

More and more I find week days an interruption of the pleasure of my weekends. My working week is 4 days, but in truth 3 would be better now. We try to balance travel and social activities with some down time. We find that if we are too busy then we get too tired for sex and play. But then if we don’t have much planned we tend to vegetate and then get little achieved.

One of the best things about weekends is that there is often the chance to get away somewhere. Frequently this necessitates a hotel stay (we have a low threshold for not returning home). Most recently we travelled to the south coast on Friday to see Master’s daughter in a university show.

I love hotel bathrooms and the lovely bathrobe they sometimes loan you (if loan is the right word). Yesterday morning when Master was showering I lazed on the bed and took these. 

These photos are perhaps the clearest indication of the way my life has changed over the past 3 years. They show how I can relax in a way I previously never could. They show a luxury I couldn’t previously enjoy and a happiness I wasn’t always privy to.

Now I just need to sort out one, hopefully little problem.

XY&Z to follow in the next post

Blogging A-Z Challenge: U

U is for uniforms

I know that many people find uniforms on their preferred gender a turn on. The military man, the police officer, the nurse. I am not entirely immune to this, I do find a smartly dressed man attractive, however I have no preference between a suit and a uniform. Attractive, but not a specific turn on.

When it comes to dressing for Master, I am happy to wear whatever makes him happy. I love to wear the leather waistcoats, the harnesses, the little skimpy dresses he has bought me. In the past I even wore sexy lingerie, stockings and heels for a man. At one time I dressed as a maid for the same man, it was a fun game. I am glad though, that Master is not into that kind of thing, and glad too he is not into uniforms.

I wonder what might be considered the most sexy uniform on a woman. A police woman, doctor, traffic warden? What’s the betting on nurse? Odds on I would say. The sexy nurse of the carry on film or the many other soft (or harder) porn movies. Wearing a white dress that barely covers her suspender tops, her ample cleavage bulging out at the front. That is not my idea of a nurse.

You see I am a nurse. Even though I no longer practise clinically I am still on the nursing register and consider myself a nurse. Wearing a tiny nurses uniform to enable another person to get off is not my idea of a good time. I wore my uniform to care for sick, disabled or dying people. I wore my uniform as I gave bad news to loved ones. For me the uniform of a nurse is something to wear with pride not as a sexual tool.

So, while I have few limits and most that I did have are the property of another. Wearing a nurses uniform is a red flag. A limit as hard as they come. Leather kink wear though, bring it on!

Blogging A-Z challenge: T – MPB – Master’s Pleasing BitchMPB – Master’s Pleasing Bitch

T is for touching

I awoke to feel his fingers on my nipples, gently pinching, stroking. Lying for a while, eyes closed I allowed the feelings of arousal to wash over me. Then I opened my eyes and looked at him, his response was to move my hand to his cock. Still flaccid to the touch, I stroked the soft skin of his cock and balls.

Gradually his cock came to life, and grew in my hand. His fingers moved from my nipple to my clitoris, he stroked the inner labia, flicked the pierced hood. All the time my hand continued to work his hard cock. He sat up and leaned down, spreading my legs wider. I felt his tongue exploring where his fingers had been, and his fingers back on my left nipple.

I released his cock from my hand. Unable to concentrate on anything else but what he was doing to me. The orgasm began to build in me and I concentrated on that too. As the climax grew close I concentrated on keeping it at bay.

Permission to cum was sought, and granted, but with the usual count down. I reached for his cock again, something to divert my mind, to prevent the inevitable. Until he reached 2 and I allowed myself to be absorbed by the impending orgasm, which at 0 overwhelmed me.

He wasn’t finished though. Pushing inside my wet pussy he took his pleasure and gave me more. Pulling out there was more to come. He instructed me to hold my pussy lips open and stroke myself while he watched. To touch my piercing, stroke myself and show him how I masturbate. Another orgasm followed, as his hands took over again. Finally he pushed inside me again. His orgasm, my prize followed soon after.

The importance of touch………

Blogging A-Z Challenge: S (Sinful Sunday)

S is for skin

A bathroom shot from Eroticon weekend. Lots of pale skin on view. For me it feels as if there is a need for toning of areas I don’t usually get to see. This though is Master’s view and he says he likes it.

Blogging A-Z Challenge: R

R is for reflections

Still a day behind, but I will catch this up tomorrow, Sunday is usually a no post day. It is a shame I didn’t get chance to write this yesterday, because that was the 5th anniversary of my first blog post. Actually that is not strictly true, for about 5 or 6 years before that I blogged. But about my job and experiences of working in the UK health system. That blog continued for a while after starting World of joolz, but looming redundancy and fear that the two blogs might somehow get mixed up caused me take it down.

When I started that work related blog there was no choice but to do so anonymously. A dim view was taken of people who wrote about their life as a nurse, or health service manager as I was doing. People were disciplined and sacked at that time. I was always careful to be discrete and to make it difficult for people to identify who I really was. My words were my own opinion, and they were about me and the challenges I faced. I tended not to assassinate the characters of others, that really isn’t my way anyway. It prepared me in any case for writing a sex / kink blog.

That first post on World of joolz occured just after my first full sexual encounter with a man who wasn’t my husband. It is full of hope for the future, but already acknowledges the  potential difficulties ahead. Challenging as it is to read about my hopes for that new relationship, I am glad I wrote. I can see how I have developed and grown as a person. How my sex life has changed and how I have learned about this lifestyle. And how it prepared me for the future.


Blogging A-Z Challenge: Q

Q is for Quit

Q was going to be for quotations. In my planned post, I was going to review some of the books I have on my kindle app and pick out some favourite quotes. But we were up early for our flight back home. We got back a little later than we expected following a delay. After a sandwich lunch I went over to my mum’s as we are off out today (Friday is my usual day for visiting). Then back here to cook dinner for Master’s return. Then, and this is the bit where I can’t defend myself, I drank too much wine. Late last night I tweeted that I was quitting since once again I was behind on this meme.

Well Q is for quit, but I am not quitting. I have made it this far and so on I go. Later I will give you R. If I was more organised, I would know what R will be for. But then if I knew that, I wouldn’t be a day behind again!

Blogging A-Z Challenge: P

P is for porn

I am not a massive consumer of porn and generally feed my desires through books, blogs, twitter and tumblr. For me the written word is as much as a turn on as pictures and videos. I don’t always need to see a visual image to be aroused by it. I love good erotic fiction, short stories on blogs or longer ones I can read on my kindle app.

Books and novelettes

There are so many wonderful erotic books around, thanks perhaps to kindle and other e-readers. Also, dare I say it to the mainstreaming of kink through 50 shades of Grey, though I only managed part of the first book myself. I particularly like BDSM related books, and prefer they are at least a couple of hundred pages in length. Fiction needs to be more than rich man meets young skinny girl and leads her into kinky ways. A kind of naughty Mills and Boone romance. More substance and realism is required. This means that finding a good read that is also kinky is a challenge, though not one that is insurmountable.

Blogs and twitter

Blogs were the medium through which I learned about BDSM, M/s relationships and kink in general. Kink related blogs led me to start my own almost exactly 5 years ago. I particularly like to read factual encounters and experiences, but also admire the great fiction bloggers write. Erotic photography is something I am quite new to, and have to admit that I enjoy looking at and taking some more pornographic photos. Master loves to both take and look at them too, and this is something we can do together. Participation in Sinful Sunday and February Photofest has certainly helped.

As I grow my twitter community, both in terms of who I follow and those that follow me, I enjoy it more and more. I love that I can find new blogs and websites through posted links.  Most of this is pretty soft porn though and is really what I prefer.


Some porn pictures can be quite a turn off, especially the really fake stuff on Tumblr. Women pretending they are tied up and gagged. Men in suits with some blond bit of stuff, naked between their legs. But with a bit of perseverance you can find some extremely raunchy and real stuff to view. Again I keep my porn reasonably soft, though towards the BDSM end. Restraint, control, impact play and submissive acts turn me on.

Sadly I don’t know how much longer I will be able to participate in this kind of pornography, since moves are afoot to make some of the things I like to read and view illegal. But till then I will continue to get my thrills the way I do.

Blogging A-Z Challenge: O

O is for orgasm

I love to orgasm, who doesn’t? When it comes to permission to cum, it is rare that this is not granted. More and more, I need to be told to cum before I can. This can offer some difficulties when alone. But then again I am not all that bothered, since I prefer him there. Self mastibation is not something I do very often these days.

The ratio of me to him experiencing orgasm during sex or masturbation is probably about 7 or 8 to 1 in  my favour. Possibly even more. Once he gets going with his fingers or tongue he loves to make me cum multiple times.

Unusually this holiday I haven’t had many orgasms, possibly 3 or 4 and he has had two. Unlike most people (I imagine), we don’t always have lots of sex while away. Something to do with how busy we usually are, I think. Time in bed is often spent sleeping and then we have to rush to get out to do or see something. This holiday I have definitely needed to catch up on sleep and for some reason my libido is a bit down right now. He though is feeling particularly horny and so is demanding more sex, but for him rather than me.

This morning the ratio was 1 to 0 in his favour. I  showered and came back to bed in the fluffy white hotel bathrobe. He asked if I would like to stroke his cock while he looked at some porn. I settled in next to him happily. A few minutes later though he said he needed to have sex with his girl. I removed the and not long afterwards as I stroked my own nipples for him, he came inside me.

I am sure though, that it won’t be long before the normal orgasm ratio returns. We head home on Thursday.




Blogging A-Z Challenge: N

N is for nothing kinky

Yesterday was such a busy day. The purpose for the first part of our trip was to check the apartment over, clean and make a few running repairs. When we arrived on Thursday we discovered there has been a leak in the bathroom. Possibly from roof repairs that took place over the winter. I was really sad as I only had the bathroom installed last spring. We have managed to clean up most of the water damage, but some of the tile grouting will need more work. Sunday I painted the bedroom in the apartment and then yesterday morning we had to clean and do the laundry. That’s not to say we haven’t had fun, enjoying an afternoon out on Friday and plenty of good food and wine.

Yesterday afternoon, later than we had intended we left the small town where I have the apartment and travelled to Toulouse. Not a long distance since it took about 1.5 hours. The only challenge was accessing the place to return the car at the station. Luckily our hotel was just a short walk away. Today we plan to do some sightseeing, first though we are off for some breakfast.

So, to sum up I have been busy and so missed posting yesterday. Therefore N is for nothing particularly kinky. I will try to write O later….

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