Our weekend

The weekend is our time to be together, usually without outside intervention and involvement. Occasionally we visit friends or family, or maybe have people over. But usually it is just us. Sometimes we go away for the weekend, often travelling no further than the centre of London. Only half an hour away by train. During those weekends we stay in a nice hotel, visit galleries, see films, attend concerts. We usually eat and drink a little too much.This weekend we are in London, but this time for Eroticon. A first for us, spending time with other kink friendly people. We have still managed our alone time, but are equally enjoying meeting new people.

I will post more about Eroticon later, but for now and for Sinful Sunday. A photo from the shower this morning.

Sinful Sunday

Wine and cocktails – Eroticon Day 1 Part 2

A full day of normal Friday stuff was followed by a dash to the station, a short train and tube journey then a short walk to the hotel. Master and I miraculously arrived at the same time.

A short while later we were in the bar enjoying a complimentary drink in the bar. The weekend had begun! A couple of drinks later and we made our way to Camden Town. This is a particularly busy and cosmopolitan part of London. This is where young people go to party, where many of the established singers bands we know today first played. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, and for this weekend, it is the home of Eroticon.

Just around the corner from Camden Market we found the hotel where the Meet and Greet was taking place. We were a little early, so had a drink in the bar first and watched the first arrivals stroll past.

Into the venue, we collected our passes, grabbed a drink and then mingled a little. We really aren’t good at walking up to people and chatting. I find it especially challenging, despite my extrovert personality. However we did manage to get chatting with a few people before the wonderful Exposing 40 came up and asked if I was MPB. A bit of chat followed, then knowing that we needed dinner and had already drunk a little too much we departed. I would have loved to have stayed to get to know more people, but food was definitely in order.

One of our favourite restaurants in London is a tapas bar near to Waterloo. Since Camden Town station is on the Northern line and that also passes through Waterloo, this was ideal.  The meal was great as usual, we ate a mix of meat, vegetable dishes and salad washed down with some fantastic red wine. The man on the shelf played his guitar and the place buzzed with the usual mix of Friday night revellers.

Back to the hotel and we found ourselves in the bar ordering cocktails. This was probably a bad move, though it felt great at the time. Finally we headed to bed, setting the alarm for an early start.

Part 3 to follow.

Eroticon here we come – Eroticon Diaries Day 1

Eroticon weekend is upon us at last. The countdown clock on the Eroticon website currently stands at almost exactly 1 day to go. Tomorrow we will be up early ready to get started, grabbing a quick coffee and breakfast at our hotel before we head off to the tube. But actually the excitement starts today, at the Meet and Greet event. This is a writing and blogging event for people who write about sex and kink, a journal seems a must. Welcome then to Eroticon Diaries Day 1 (part 1).

Things to do before I leave 

My usual Friday consists of slimming club then time with my mum before meeting up with Master. That bit then will be much the same as usual. This week has been a mixture when it comes to my eating plan. Well, the eating has mostly been good, but too much alcohol has been consumed. I am having a constant debate with myself about what I eat and drink. Membership at the slimming club is fun, I am on the social committee and enjoy helping out. But I am a rubbish slimmer, having lost no weight in a year. Having said that I haven’t put any on either, so onwards and hopefully downwards.

Next will be time to pack my case. I still haven’t decided what to take with me. Decisions will be a spur of the moment thing.

Then off to mum’s. She is having some financial anxieties, mainly caused by my brother. I need to spend time looking into all of that and then there will be shopping. Once she is happy, I will set off for the station and take the Train into London to meet Master at our hotel.

This evening

I am both nervous and excited about meeting conference delegates tonight at the Meet and Greet. It takes place in a hotel around the corner from where the conference will be tomorrow. Luckily I have met Molly and Michael, plus one other couple. I am thankful though that Master will be with me as I won’t know anyone else. While I am an outgoing person, I do find it difficult to interact with people I have never met. Small talk is not something I find particularly easy. What is more, I feel a little in awe of some of the people who will be there. People who are accomplished bloggers and authors and me, just an ordinary person who dabbles. Of course, there will be lots of other people in the same position, I know that.

But, for all the anxiety, I am very excited. About tonight and the whole weekend. More later.

Meet me in the red room

Click the photo for YouTube link

I’ll meet you in the red room, close the door, and dim the lights
I will be yours truly, if indeed the price is right
So draw your sword, be my king, let your passions rise and sing
Just show me the diamonds and I’ll let you wear my ring

So just lay down beside me, let us consummate (consummate)
I know you’re bursting, let me help you deflate (help you deflate)
If you want to plug in for a high voltage connection
Show me cold hard cash and I will turn on my affection (and then we’ll)

Do you wanna have fun?
I’ll let you,
Just a little

So don’t hesitate, I won’t kiss and tell
No need to worry ’cause I’m a professional
The show can start as soon as I see money on the table
I’ve an empty space to fill, I’m willing if you’re able

Do you wanna have fun?
I’ll let you,
Just a little

I’ll meet you in the red room, close the door, and dim the lights
I will be yours truly, if indeed the price is right
So draw your sword, be my king, let your passions rise and sing
Just show me the diamonds and I’ll let you wear my ring

I’ll let you, I’ll let you wear my ring

Meet you in the red room

Sinful Sunday

Submissive Coffee Club #226 (



We had only been together for a couple of months when Master told me that he would like me to have some piercings. Interestingly this was something I had also wanted for some time. I had discussed the idea with a previous Dom, but the time didn’t feel right for me and certainly that relationship was’t.

This time, Master and i discussed our ideas and they appeared to match up. We agreed on both nipples and clitoral hood. I was clear at the time that these would be my piercings, and while he came with me, I did the research and paid.

However, from the day that I was pierced they felt significant to us. They were real, but also a symbol of something that we both shared. They signified something I had been willing to do for him. A confirmation of my submission and his dominance over me. This feeling has continued.

Of course, such piercings are only as permanent as you wish them to be. If I removed my nipple bar now, the hole would probably be closed within hours. However, that probably isn’t the point. I really would like more piercings, and we are considering ones to the labia. These would be more significant, more painful and perhaps a little more kinky.

We have also discussed a tattoo. I held back on this for a long time as it was a feature of his previous relationship. Plus I am nervous for reasons of pain and permanency. However, I feel I am ready to do so. This relationship is as permanent as any can get and I know it is something he would like. For us it would be a real commitment.

From my point of view, commitment to the relationship is important, however equally so is that you both want this body modification. I may be a slave, but ultimately it has been a joint decision and something that has been for me to agree to.

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