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365 questions – 25 January

Damn, I was out last night at our local munch and completely forgot to post!

What is your favourite thing to drink?

I don’t have one favourite, it depends on the time, place and mood. So here goes:

In the morning – I prefer a filtered coffee with warm milk. But if not possible or I am trying to moderate calories, then it would be green tea with cranberry.

Mid morning – If no coffee has been consumed and I am in the right place, I might have coffee now. Otherwise it will be tea.  This is kind of odd since 20 years ago I very rarely drank tea at all. Tastes have changed.

After work – my preference is a gin and tonic. Again, over time my tastes have changed, but right now the after work, arriving home drink is a G&T

I love wine, but for reasons of calorie consumption, and over all desire to be more healthy I do try not to make wine a feature of my week. But if given a choice a Sauvignon blanc, preferably from New Zealand would be my choice.

At the weekend depending on where we are and what we are doing I partake of the following:

Orange juice – it is calorific but lovely, my diet means that fruit is good but juice is less so. Therefore freshly squeezed juice is for weekends.

Good coffee with warm milk, preferably frothed up.

Pepsi max and water – for hydration.

Wine with meals

Beer if the time and place are right.

Hey, if it a liquid and I am thirsty, I drink it!!

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