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365 Questions- 7th January

Can people change?
I am of the opinion that given education, the opportunity to develop and grow and a willingness to make changes to the the way they live their lives then change is possible. However, far too often people don’t want to act differently, they want the world to conform to their ways. One thing I know though, is that you cannot make others change and you are foolish to try. I know, I tried for far too many years. 

I am currently in Brussels with Master, enjoying a wonderful, if cold few days. He knows the things he likes to do and I know the things I like to do. However, I don’t currently have the interest or the bank balance for serious shopping, nor do I need anything in particular. I am enjoying the museums, the architecture and the beer, not that if I were on my own I would have chosen them all. Life is about give and take though and if I wanted to go shopping he would be with me. Compromise is a better solution than trying to exact change

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