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365 Questions – 3rd January 2017

Are you content?

I can honestly say that I am more content now than I have been in my adult life. I am sexually fulfilled, and know who and what I am. I have a job I enjoy, though it is not without stress. I no longer have to worry about debt, but am self sufficient and can help my son when he needs it. I know that my son is happy in his life and that he has met the woman he loves. Master and I are free to travel where and when we want (within the constraints of my job). We are free to explore our kink as we wish.

On the flip side I have responsibilities to my mum and have to work hard not to feel bad when I don’t meet her expectations. I have to work when I would prefer to be having fun. I have an ex who is still a little more reliant on me than I would prefer (though there has been a marked improvement over the past few months).

Over all though I am extremely happy with my life right now.

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