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Chastity – does a girl need to be locked in?

There was a time when I felt the need to touch myself most days. I would arrive home from work and if I felt that I had sufficient time before my son and husband arrived on the scene would make myself cum. sometimes I stood in my son’s bedroom looking out of the window while I held my vibe against my throbbing pussy and craved my release.

These days there is no need to do such a thing. Hubby has gone to his new woman and my son is busy with his own life. What is more there is no need to cum in that kind of way.

My orgasms belong to Master and while he doesn’t stipulate that I can’t cum without him being present, in the main there is no need.

In essence I have no need to be kept in chastity through a device since I don’t desire that I touch myself and orgasm on my own. I know that the orgasms belong to Him and prefer He is present when they occur.

Having said that, the photos I found online demonstrating female chastity devices do really turn me on.

These are the two kinds of devices that might be available (or inflicted) on women today. The first kind, shown above is something that fits around a woman’s waist and under her crotch. It might include a small dildo that is inserted into her vagina to keep her permanently aroused but unable to orgasm. Separated from her Master she would be unable to touch herself and so be unfulfilled. Sadly without a special mechanism for releasing her urine and being able to clean herself there are signifiant problems with this devise.

While I love the idea of chastity, I prefer the idea of the kind barrier shown below. I have no real need to be able to touch myself. I have piercings in my clitoral hood and we have discussed the idea of labial piercings that would prevent access to my sexual organs, other than by Him.

So, this girl can be pierced in such a way that she is unable to gain access to her clitoris, and yet she is able to both pass urine and to keep clean. Plus she can be controlled in the way that Master would love.

The girl could be made completely chaste and under the control of her Master through being pierced through the labia.

For me it isn’t about an inability to reach certain parts of the body it is about whether you are allowed to touch them.

It isn’t about an artificial way of remembering who and what you are, but something that is long lasting and permanent.

While the chastity device seems appealing it is obviously for play only. For me, it is about a permanent reminder of what Master expects and if that is chastity then while I can manage without, I would prefer my labia being pierced in such a way as it offers a permanent reminder of my slavery to Him.

I might imagine that I want to be held chaste by one of devices above, but all they are is symbols of my slavery to Master. His words and deeds are all that I need.

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13 thoughts on “Chastity – does a girl need to be locked in?”

  1. Interesting post..loved the pics and learned something. My O's are His…never to be had without permission, no touching without either. I had never considered a 'device', but must admit these intrigue me.
    hugs abby

  2. I love touching myself way to much for this to ever work for me. I don't cum without his permission but I do touch, a lot, and not being able to would just fuck me off


  3. I haven't been told I am not allowed to touch myself, though don't tend to that much in his absence, but do wonder how it would be if I really couldn't. There is definitely a lot to these devices in terms of our inner psyche.

  4. I've been intrigued by chastity for a long time. For me it would be for play only. Sir won't allow genital piercings and the belts are too unhygienic for my linking. Also I need my release from orgasms, without them I'm just a horrible person!

  5. I like that you have thought about this! I can relate to how you don’t have a need to touch yourself without your Master, and that there is therefore no need for a chastity device. Yet it’s interesting that the idea of it arouses you regardless. To me they look really uncomfortable. But then I guess I do get how it would be like a constant reminder… which is simply nice to have hehe.

  6. I like that you thought about this and how it has changed how you used to touch yourself after coming home, and how now you don’t even feel the need because your Master isn’t there, and of course it’s not allowed. I relate to that a lot, as to me it feels like it’s not supposed to be just my pleasure. If I want to come it should be for the pleasure of my dom
    And yet it’s interesting how you are aroused by the idea of the chastity belt regardless. They look so uncomfortable to me, but I do like the idea of having a constant reminder. Enjoyed reading this a lot!

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