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Kneeling in your 50’s

One of the key things a slave does is to kneel to their Master, right? There are numerous, neigh thousands of pictures online showing submission in action; a slave kneeling.

Often He is clothed and she naked. There are specific positions that slave presents herself to her Master in, perhaps with her thighs spread, leaning back onto her heels, her hands rotated to expose the palms or else with her hands behind her head, so that He can see His property.

But what if kneeling in this way is something that you as a slave want to give your Master,  and it is what He wants to receive, but you both know that kneeling in such a way is nigh on impossible for more than a couple of minutes.

There was a time when my body was flexible, pliable and supple. There was a time when my life as a nurse hadn’t caused my back to become stiff and my knees to become sore. There was a time when I was young and slim and when my muscles where taught. Though I have to admit I have never been particularly fit and athletic there was a time when I was slimmer, fitter and more supple than I am now.

But in this new life of Master / slave I crave the ability to kneel. I want to be able to forget that my knees and thighs will ache. I want to be able to pretend my back won’t be stiff. I want to imagine that I can maintain the required position for longer than 2 minutes. But the reality is that kneeling for too long means it is difficult to get up, it means that afterwards I will walk like I am 100 not 54 and it means my back will be sore.

So, realism is the thing.  I can kneel for longer on a cushion than I can on the floor. I can sit at His feet longer than I can kneel. Plus I can sit next to Him and still suck His cock, I can sit next to Him and still submit.

My submission and slavery are not dependent on my ability to kneel for longer than 5 minutes, though I would love to be able to. When you are fifty something realism is something you both get used to. But you can still dream.

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8 thoughts on “Kneeling in your 50’s”

  1. oh lord do I know that problem!! I have a few years on you — and two knees damaged when I was fearless on the ski slopes — now I want to kneel more than ever — but compromise is always a possibility. I kneel when Hands arrives and I remove his boots — and with age comes the knowledge that my submission is strong in my heart if not in my body's ability 🙂

  2. Shit, I'm 26 and I still can't do a resting kneel for more than a minute or two without some not fun pain. I've never attached too much significance to kneeling, likely because I've never been able to do it much. The perks of being fluffy. I can do a high kneel for a lot longer, because my weight is off my calves. The easiest kneel is when my torso is pitched forward for…um…things when he's sitting in a recliner or on a couch. He requires me to sit at his feet most of the time. But that's almost always just me sitting on my butt on a pillow between his legs.

    Trust me, you're not alone in the can't kneel for shit camp.

  3. Age brings with it a realisation of who you are and for that I am grateful. Plus, when you are both that bit older He understands and appreciates the effort xx

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