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Over Busted

I don’t wear this and other lovely items of sexy lingerie that I have in my wardrobe and at Master’s place often enough. This is a reminder, that I need to dress up for Him a little more. 

12 thoughts on “Over Busted”

  1. Yes I am the same, I have a lot of sexy stuff which I don't wear often enough but sometimes fleecy PJ's are the thing… especially in this current weather


  2. That is a wonderful rich piece of clothing the corset, please wear them as much as possible. I said to my lover I am going to wear all my lovely matching expensive sets as I am only wearing them once or twice each a year, a waste, a thing of beauty is to be enjoyed

  3. oops it wasn't until Bee's comment came in that I realised I had missed the others. Thank you Lea and Catherine too. I love that corset and even more that it is underbust!

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