As time goes by……….

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We are both in our 50′s but what I am increasingly aware off is that I have found my true place as a woman and an individual and that together we are more than that. Submission is not about youth. It is not about sex, though that for us is important and will definitely last the course. Submission for us is about Master’s ownership and possession, it is about power. Those things can easily endure. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time together at the moment, we are still not living together, and I have to work. But as far as I can see we only have good things to look forward to.
For us, sadly our 70′s is not so far in the future. Well it is, but having been 20 then 40, 30 then 50 we know how time creeps up. If we are together then D/s will still be part of who we are, our lives. We are just settling into the swing of things, by then we will be more than comfortable with who we are. Plus our families will be comfortable with that too. For us, it isn’t about when we are alone that the problems can potentially arise but when we have to interact with others, family and friends. 
I hope we remain sexually active into our old age and beyond, but who knows? What I do know is there is more to our sex life than sexual intercourse. Enjoyment of each others body, pain and pleasure is key to what we enjoy. I can’t imagine that will end any day soon.

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  1. it was lovely reading that Julie…am pretty much in the same boat age wise and finding that special someone to share it with late in life but like you O/our relationship is more that just sex there is so much more enjoyment and fulfilment from the control, pain and pleasure that one receives from Him

    being T/together would be the icing on the cake for U/us.

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