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KOTW – Tasks

I need to get back to blogging ways, indeed if I was tasked to do so then maybe I would be better at getting my brain into gear. Even better if Master were to give me a list of topics he would like me to write about.

But seriously, this month’s kink of the week is about Tasks. I have a set of rules that I agreed to when I became Master’s slave, and one or two of them are kind of task orientated. Probably the main one would be that I should wear my butt plug twice a week when we are apart. I am rubbish at keeping to this rule, mainly because I forget. We often chat on Skype late in the evening and after I come off of the call I get ready for bed and am asleep before I know it.

The other rule that has slightly fallen by the wayside is the issue of underwear. I often don’t wear panties but usually these days like to wear a bra. For all I am 54, my tits are still quite firm, but still I do prefer it. Generally he doesn’t push the issue.

Sometimes he will give me tasks to do, but these are on an ad hoc basis, as the mood takes him (as is his prerogative). I am not someone who really needs a massive amount of structure and to be frank I am a calmer, happier human being since I have been with him.

He is someone who likes his slave to be low maintenance and so, while he likes to give me the odd thing to do, he is not really into making sure I do it. We have discussed recently that our dynamic has fallen into something of a routine and that we don’t always make the effort to think about things such as this.

Perhaps this prompt may lead to further discussions on the topic since he reads what I write here and we often follow that up with a discussion.

Tasks are a good thing, but they take effort on both sides. I am willing to give it another go if he is!


4 thoughts on “KOTW – Tasks”

  1. I find tasks to be a two edged sword. They are good for me…but M never forgets…and i do….He once told me He did not want to micro-manage me…at the time I was a little disappointed..we were just starting out and I was all starry eyed about our 'journey'. But really…He was right…
    hugs abby

  2. I think micro management would be bad for us both. Sometimes he forgets, but often he does remember and pull me up. As you know, relationships of all types need working on and that is where we are right now. We are in this for the long term. xx

  3. Micro managing would not work for us either. It would make me stressed and also drive him mad. We have struggled with tasks, not because we don't like them but because I often, like you, forget and that just ends up with my feeling crappy. It is definitely a area we will continue to work on


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