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The green light

At last it seems that progress has been made. This morning while I was making my morning tea and getting my breakfast ready a text came through from hubby telling me he was ready to get the house valued. In fact he seemed keen to put it up for sale more quickly than I do. There are a few bits of decorating and some more decluttering to be done first. I believe that these will maximise the sale price and also mean there is less to do before I move out.

This weekend Master and I put up a new light in the dining room. It has been sitting around waiting to be installed for over 2 years and having been let down by my brother a number of times it is now fixed and looks great. I have also cleared out some old papers (the shredding machine was working overtime) and also filled up my garden waste bin with weeds and shrub branches ready for the collection on Wednesday.
Now I feel I have the green light for a proper structured programme of work over the summer months. Some times can be done after work, others will be weekend projects. I also plan to contact a plasterer in the next few days as the hall, stairs and landing is badly in need of some attention.
At last though it feels something will really happen. At last he is ready to move on.
As far as I am concerned there is no stalling and no turning back from here on.
Post script Oct 2018

This was written in May 2016 and yet took another 2 years before I actually moved from the house. There were things that needed doing within and outside of the house, but that was not the main reason for the delay. Suddenly hubby asked if I would be willing for his new partner to buy my half of the house. This meant we had to wait for her to undertake work in her house and then to sell. Right now, the wait feels worth it as everything came together at once. But it did take an awful long time!

5 thoughts on “The green light”

  1. looks like things are moving and imho cleaning up and getting rid of clutter is always very cathartic.

    I hope all continues to go well in the days ahead. *hugs*

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