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Emerging from winter

It had been a very long time since I stepped out of the house without underwear. It has just been too cold to chance going out without bra and panties. When wearing a dress or skirt, I have encased my legs in tights and more than often boots. My body is now pale and anaemic, my legs white. Apart of course from the freckles which always adorn my arms in particular, even in winter.

All of this is not quite true, since I now quite frequently wear nothing underneath trousers or jeans, so long they are of a soft enough fabric that won’t cause chafing. For winter this is my way of trying to remember that Master prefers a slave without underwear. He does however understand the need to keep warm and so cover up. 
Yesterday then was the first day this year that I have been out with no underwear on at all. Today is the second. Thankfully some warm spring weather has arrived and we are blessed with sunshine. Yesterday we ventured out into the countryside to explore a country house and its grounds. We had a picnic and strolled around in the warm (though at times cloudy) fresh air. 
These two photos provide a small record of our day out. In this first photo Master told his girl to lift up her dress so that he could get something of a view. She did so and quickly dropped it, but too quickly for him to take that photo. So she lifted up again. My thoughts? I need to do some work on toning up that backside and those legs!
In this second we are sitting on the grass. Around us people stroll, and little children run around. But of course this view is caught by Master only. A small glimpse of the summer to come. Of days out and about, a trip to Sicily in just over a month and this week coming to France. 
More photo opportunities and hopefully this time I might get a stock of photos which I can use in the depths of winter. February photofest maybe?

Plus we were sad that this particular wood wasn’t full of bluebells!

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