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Y is for……


Today there is one topic one purpose. Today this girl speaks from the heart. She tells you why she is Yours.

It is difficult for this girl to place herself back to those first few weeks. A time when even though she was experiencing sexual and submissive fulfilment beyond her wildest dreams. Yet a time when she felt unsure of her present let alone her future. A time when she struggled to understand your motives as a Dominant and a Master. A time when she failed to recognise the difficulties you saw in your relationships.

It is difficult to understand why this girl allowed herself to embark on a journey where another woman was your primary partner. Except to say that she knows now just how needy she was. For love, to express her submission and for recognition that she had found her purpose in life.

This girl is grateful that she found you, her Master and that during those first few months we discovered what might be important for us, in our relationship.

This girl is still troubled by the actions of the person you called your slave at that time, as are you. We have spent many an hour discussing those times, and have moved on. We recognise that our previous relationships have not fulfilled our needs. We see that what we have now is special, necessary to our wellbeing as a couple.

Better to have found each other and to have struggled to understand its meaning than never to have found each other.

Y is for yours.

This girl is Yours, now and she hopes forever.

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