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T is for …

Torture and tits, sometimes these two things go together.

Torture in our relationship, might be the collective noun for all of the things that Master loves to do to inflict pain but also to give pleasure to his slave. What is more, he has a large collection of implements with which to achieve whatever outcome he is seeking. In those first few days of our relationship when it was all about play, I gave him the name gadget man here on my blog. The fact that he owned so much kinky stuff that could be used on another person was almost mind blowing, especially when you are blindfolded and don’t know what he might pull out of the cupboard next. I have come to both love and hate some of those toys, often in equal measure. The violet wand for example, generating pain and arousal, while crackling with electricity is both thrilling and a little scary. Master loves to explore new ways of making me wriggle, flinch and ultimately orgasm by using different attachments, and by touching different parts of my body and of course piercings. I will often complain, moan that I don’t like something, knowing all the time that I really do get off on it.

He has a number of floggers, paddles, whips and the like, he has leather bindings to tie you up, harnesses, dildos and vibrating things including the wonderful hitachi. Also though he can apply torture with his bare hands, pinching and twisting bits of my body. He also loves to bite and to see the  bruising that appears as a result. Tit torture is a bit of a favourite of us both, and having the piercings makes that all the more possible.

I have always been proud of my tits, they grew when I was pregnant and thankfully never returned to their previous smaller size. They are not too big – I am a 36D `- and have not shrunk down too much since this recent journey into weight loss (I have lost 1.5 stone, or 21lb). They are a little less pert than they were, however. I think this might be a menopause thing, which I am now about 2 years into.  The need for a supportive bra is increasing, however I think I can still get away with Master’s preference of no bra, when we are out and about especially during the summer. My nipples are not huge and so I am happy to give the stretching thing a go, something I plan to do over the coming weeks when I am home alone in the evenings. We’ll see what the results are. The nipple piercings did take time to heal, but now that they have done so I am enjoying trying new jewellery. Pierced nipples have added to the sensitivity of them and also to the enjoyment we both get when Master plays with them. It also gives more opportunity for torture!

A close up

2 thoughts on “T is for …”

  1. Thanks for the pic, I love it. Whenever i complain when Master is being 'evil'…He always finds 'evidence' to the contrary…
    hugs abby

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