R is for ……….

Restraint and relaxation

It has been an amazing revelation to me that being restrained gives me such a feeling of freedom. You would imagine that having your movement restricted would make you want to rebel and break free, but generally this isn’t the case. Master often starts by putting my ankles in cuffs and then attaching them to a spreader bar, before moving on to wrist restraints. A calmness seems to engulf me as I await whatever is next. Usually some kind of penetration (one or both holes),  and then painful stimuli. The violet wand, floggers, paddles etc. Added to that, perhaps the hitachi to force an orgasm or six.

The restraint though is the key in these circumstances. The ability to just absorb the sensations seems to be possible because I am unable to move. Somehow it allows me to embrace my submission and to face it head on. To relax and to enjoy (even if I don’t know I am enjoying it at the time).

Given the photo below though, it is difficult to understand how I find restraint quite as I have described above. Somehow though it just is.

We both value the ability to relax in each others company. We have busy lives – for me, work is hectic at times and then I have family responsibilities and for us both we often lead a busy social life. We value the downtimes though and have found that we can be comfortable together doing our own thing – reading, browsing, researching (him), sewing (me), listening to music – often time passes without a need to speak, just time to enjoy being together and to relax. Something I am looking forward to this coming weekend. 

2 thoughts on “R is for ……….”

  1. I still remember the first time Master tied me…It as a simple restraint. After He asked what i thought..the first word that popped out was freeing…kind of an oxymoron..but so true. No worries, just acceptance…love the pic.
    hugs abby

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