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J is for……..

Japanese clover clamp and joolz

There aren’t too many kinky words that begin with J, and to be honest the Japanese in front of clover clamp seems to be a bit of a cop out. Still technically it begins with J so here goes.

Nipple clamps feature much less in our play times now that this girl has her nipples pierced. But she does love the feeling of the way the clamps pinch, especially when they first go on. After a while, and when they are pulled by some sadistic Master they get much more painful. But the pain belies the effect they have on this girl. You see, nipple play of any kind and especially clamping has an amazing effect on this girl’s arousal. She becomes very wet very quickly and she feels that tingling and throbbing down in her groins. Her clit enlarges, even without direct stimulation there too. Master has previously attached a clamp to this girl’s clit and that was fucking very painful, but again very very arousing. Master likes to tease this girl about the relationship that exists between her nipples and her sexual arousal and the fact that he can bring her off by playing and causing pain to her nipples alone. Of course he loves that fact, as does this girl.

joolz is the name that this girl uses online quite a lot. The name was first used by family friends when she was younger and for quite some time her brothers called her this too. Over the years though people reverted to calling her by her given name. Being a little unadventurous and also quite liking the name, she chose it for the name of her first kinky blog, uses it on Fetlife and other places for chat. Indeed when she met both Master and before that S, they first knew her as jolly.

During the course of the first few months together, Master read all of this girl’s blog and continues to read both current and past posts today. After a while, he said that in his opinion this girl was becoming less like the persona she seemed to have created as joolz – sexy and submissive yes, still that. But elements of her behaviour had changed and she was becoming much more the obedient slave that she (mostly) is today. So, she became MPB – Master’s pleasing bitch and of course she already has become this girl. When a decision was made to change over blogs joolz was left behind and julie emerged  – julie who is Master’s pleasing bitch.

2 thoughts on “J is for……..”

  1. Isn't is wonderful when they see growth in us and let us know how proud they are ….I am a clamp wuss….thankfully Master prefers His fingers.
    hugs abby

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