E is for………..

Exhibitionist and Extrovert

This post is all about me, since I am both an exhibitionist and and extrovert. I am not sure these two traits are more than a coincidence.

I wasn’t always an exhibitionist, or maybe I was and didn’t know it. Who knows. I often fantasised about having sex in a public place, though never told anyone, much less did so.  It was only when I started seeing S and he wanted me to both dress in a particular way which exposed large parts of my body and to show myself off, that I discovered that I was thrilled by the idea.

Master has taken this to another level. He prefers me without underwear and has encouraged me to venture out and about with him wearing just a dress and nothing much else (other than shoes). This is, however more of a summer pursuit, since he doesn’t actually want me to freeze. It is with pleasure then that I say that spring is here and very soon I can get out and about wearing much, much less.

We both love the thrill of me exposing myself in public, I have discovered that in the main people go about their business without really being aware of what is going on around them. People are not especially observant, and it is possible to use this to your advantage. Master can touch me up, I can stand and show him my body just a few feet away from people and they have no idea. That is a thrill for me.

But it isn’t all about being out in public. I love to be exposed for Master in the house, wearing nothing or very little for his pleasure. Perhaps this aspect of our relationship has become less apparent over time. You would think it easier to wear fewer clothes when in doors, but I guess it is about habit. I love wearing harnesses that show off my tits, I love the spanking skirt that Master bought me, I just don’t wear them often enough. I love to show my body to him and I think that is because he actually likes to look at it and to feel it. I would love the opportunity to be naked for him much more, to be open and ready, to be the slut we both know I am.

I am a true extrovert. I am not good at internalising things, I need to verbalise my thoughts, to discuss. I can be loud at times, I like people to know I am there. But also I am troubled by the things that go on around me, I can’t easily shut myself off from the words and deeds of others. When there is silence I often try to fill the space, to get my words in before others get the chance. I like to lead discussion rather than follow and sometimes I find actually listening to people quite challenging.

One of the things that I have been able to do with Master though is to work on changing some of the behaviours associated with my extroversion. Being a little less over powering and listening more. The best thing though has been that I have discovered my inner calm and have found that silence can be a wonderful thing. We can sit together for quite some time doing our own thing and I no longer need to fill that space. I suspect he is pleased when that happens, since he is much more of an introvert.

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  1. I never considered myself an exhibitionist..more of a try not to be noticed girl….You make it sound freeing and fun. Extrovert, I can identify with….but you are right, learning to enjoy the quiet times, if so very good.
    hugs abby

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