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Bondage and Blogging

Today, I get to catch up as Sunday is meant to be a day off from the A to Z challenge, hopefully it will mean I can write a couple of posts to get ahead of myself too. defines Bondage in this way “The “B” in BDSM, bondage is about allowing another person to be in control of your pleasure. Some people believe that the delayed gratification involved in bondage and other BDSM activities can make for a more powerful orgasm. Bondage can involve anything from handcuffs, blindfolds and basic restraints, to ropes, gags, sex furniture, and even cages.”

I had had little experience of bondage before I met Master. S sometimes tied me to his bed with a few neck ties or scarves, and also used them as a blindfold and once he tied me to a tree which was fun. But Master has some more serious pieces of equipment to do the job. I have discovered that being restrained, having my legs in a spreader bar, being blindfolded helps me to relax and focus on what is happening to me. It is a way to escape the realities of every day life, and to concentrate on him and what he is doing or wants me to do. I find the restraints somehow help my mind to slip into its slutty and horny place where I am aroused just by the very feeling of the restraints. Not being able to see what is going on raises that level of arousal, so that every touch of my skin, gentle or otherwise is anticipated and then embraced. 

The photo above was taken when we were in Amsterdam. Master hogtied me and then went off for a shower. He always maintains that if I had laid on the bed in a different direction I would have been able to watch the tv which was turned on. I can’t say that being tied like this and left is altogether pleasant, as it stretches the body in ways it doesn’t usually experience. But there was something very horny about being restrained and at his mercy. Plus I love the resulting photo.


I started The world of joolz, the forerunner to this blog in April 2012, but had blogged on work related topics for a good 7 or 8 years before that. In fact, I used the work blog for an assignment during my Masters as a way of reflecting on my practice / work. I had never been good at keeping any kind of daily diary, but enjoy that with a blog, you feel that you can write about anything you want, you can use it as your place to visit, write and embrace the occasional feedback from others. It isn’t always easy to remember what happened and when, or how you felt at the time. The past few years have been a journey which has involved a series of life changing events, and I like the fact i can look back on them. 

I told Master about my blog soon after we met, rather than running the risk of him just finding it and I am glad I did. It does mean that I do consider what he will think when he reads my posts, but I try to write openly and honestly. However, other than him, I try to just write for myself and not for a wider audience, although it is difficult to do that all of the time. Having said that, recently I have joined in with quite a few memes and enjoy the feedback that brings. 

For the future I would like to try some fiction as well as writing about myself, Master and my life. I admire fellow bloggers who write such wonderful stories and plan to have a go myself very soon.

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