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SCC Writing Prompt – Staying Connected

The ability to connect to each other when we are apart is important for us, since we don’t live together. Early in the relationship there was much more day time contact, through various messenger services and by text. But now we have settled into the occasional text and a Skype call most nights when we are apart. We tend to spend anywhere between an hour and over two on a call and just use it as a means to catch up on our day and to discuss current affairs and anything else on our minds.

Sometimes when we are apart I can lose focus on myself as His slave, but that really only happens these days if our separation is for a prolonged period or if I am under undue stress. Most of the time we manage the times apart as this is just how life is for us. There is little chance for us to become bored with each other, to run out of things to say to each other or to become complacent. Even when we live together, I plan to still work, there will still be family things I will do on my own, so there will be periods of absence. I always know how to contact him if I need to as he does me.

I don’t see the time we spend apart as a particular disadvantage and feel that over the duration of our relationship it may well have strengthened it. It means we value the times we are together, particularly, as has been the case this past week, when we get to spend a longer period of time in each others company. It does mean though that when we are apart I do miss him and know he also misses me.

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