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Valentines day

She was awake early; she had slept well and felt rested. The same was true for Him. Despite their busy Saturday and the fact that they had finished the night with cheese, wine and cocktails they were both alert.
She lay in bed beside Him just surfing and checking out her usual websites.
He did the same, though His involved some places that were far more erotic. He rubbed him self as He viewed what was on offer
He got up suddenly and walked around the bed, instructing her to get on her knees. 
Soon He was fucking her. Fucking her in such a way that she felt Him deep inside of her cunt. Fucking her in such a way that she knew that she was wetter than wet. 
He asked her who she was, what she was. Of course she is His slave, His slut and His cunt. 
she told him so. 
Master’s cock filled that worthless cunt and she knew there was no better way to start Valentines day. 
Who needs roses?

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