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TMI Tuesday – Love is in the air!

1. List 3 benefits of living with your significant other.
When you live together you have the advantage of being able to be spontaneous, when you don’t live together, you tend to have to plan more. There is also more time to just be together, rather than fitting down time in around activities. It is probably cheaper to live together, since you are spending money on two houses with all of the associated costs, what is more, eating alone is less fun than cooking and eating together.
2. Have you ever reunited with a past lover and begun a relationship? Was the latest relationship as friends or lovers?
Yes, with S. It was, in hindsight not the best thing to do even though we had some fun as friends with benefits, second time around. 
3. Do you think someone is more sexy if they regularly read books or work out regularly at a gym?
I find knowledge and being worldly wise more attractive than being muscle bound. Fitness is good, but fitness of the mind is even better!
4. How likely do you think it is that your marriage will end in divorce?
It’s a dead certainty, though I haven’t started the process yet. Master is not my husband of course. 
5. Who has more power in your love or romantic relationship–you or your partner?
The power lies with him. That is why he is my Master. 
Bonus: Describe the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.
I went into labour on valentines day, it wasn’t the best day, but it resulted in the best present ever – my son. 
I am not really one for celebrating valentines, everything is over priced and you can’t get a table in a restaurant without far too much forward planning. The best thing is to be home together having sex. 
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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