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A favourite old photo

In Molly’s post today for February Photofest she uses a photo from a previous blog post. Sometimes a photo can bring back some wonderful memories and is worthy of showing again. Molly has given this a title of Throwback Thursday, a title previously coined by Penny.

This seems a great idea for lots of reasons. Of course, you could call me lazy and of course I am, but also this is one of my favourite blog photos.

The original post, for last year’s Photofest on my blog was called Masturbation, which is exactly what I was doing, over a mirror.
The photo came about because I had found a photo of a girl doing exactly that, for the masturbation month of May.  I posted it on my blog (which at the time was elsewhere, but has been copied across to here).
Master was at the time in the USA, enduring what later transpired to be a difficult time with his then slave. At that time, I didn’t truly know what I was involved in, I am not sure he did either.
He challenged / instructed me to take my own photo in that pose. Personally I think that my attempt was better than the original. What I do know is that he loved it and that it was one of the things that helped him through that troubling time. I will always be grateful that I was willing and able to follow his instructions and that we came through that time together and are still Master and slave.
Postscript October 2018

When I moved house in July, I hired a skip to get rid of anything I didn’t want or need. I am sorry to say, that one of the things I got rid of was the mirror from this photo. Sad, but to be honest we don’t have the space. Happy memories though!

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