365 Questions – February 1st and 2nd

So February arrived yesterday and along with the new month some brand new questions. The jury is out on how long I will keep this up since the questions don’t tend to be all that exciting. They are also pretty difficult to link to kink, most of the time.
I was out last night with Master and my brother and his girlfriend so I am posting yesterday and today’s questions together.
February 1st – What is your favourite piece of art you own?
I can’t admit to owning any great works of art, or even all that much in the way of art work. I have a few paintings and prints and I have some Caithness paperweights which were bought by my grandmother. Other than that, nothing of particular interest let alone value. 
February 2nd – The most expensive bill I paid last month was………
My credit card bill probably. Not necessary bank breaking, but a larger sum than my mortgage or car payment. Also no real big deal. 

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