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Love and relationships – 2 years on

Today’s 365 question is: Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?

This is a happy coincidence since it coincides with an anniversary. It is two years ago tomorrow since Master and I met in person for the first time. We had only been chatting for a week or so before hand and neither of us expected that two years on we would still be going strong. Neither of us were looking for love, or a long term relationship.

We seem to have found both.

Master was the last person to tell me he loved me and while it is not something he says every day, I know that he means it.

The past two years have given us some amazing experiences, they have taught us both what we want and need from a relationship and have probably taught us more about each other and ourselves than we ever imagined.

The early days were about exploration, of each others bodies and minds but also about the psychology of Dominance and submission. We had some fun times during that first year, but they were balanced by the other relationships in our lives at the time. We knew quite early on, even if it wasn’t clearly articulated, that what we had was special, but there were other considerations. His relationship with another, the remnants of my marriage, the needs of my parents.

This second year has been completely different. While responsibility to family has remained, the other relationships slipped into the past. We have travelled and we have had lots of fun. There have been new experiences and others where one or other of us has re-discovered and shown each other things from the past.

This has not been a year of overt kink, the kind that people write and talk about. But it has been one of great discovery. It has been a time when we have truly discovered what our Master / slave relationship means to us. We have discovered the importance of the way in which power in this relationship is exchanged. We have discovered just how important my submission is to him and his dominance to me. The collar is fundamental to our lives, as are the piercings. But also we have found that love can be something deep and meaningful and something that we didn’t expect.

We are grateful for this last two years and are now planning for more. Now we are talking about living together and who knows, in year 3 that might happen.

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