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SCC Prompt #179 – Pornography

The idea of having sex in front of a camera doesn’t worry me at all. Our sex is usually pretty kinky and is heavily overlaid with our M/s dynamic. During sex I tend to feel myself slipping into a lovely slave place and during that time our conversation is all about his power and my submission. In many ways, I think it would be good and pretty erotic to be able to look back at that and see myself and him outside of that moment. What I would be less keen about would be having a film of us having sex made available for just anyone to watch. I think I would rather keep it private, for just us.

I have only once been in a room when others had sex and when I was having sex with them and with my own partner. It was something of a unique experience that I wouldn’t necessarily say no to repeating, but that I wouldn’t rush into either. Having said that, yes it was an erotic experience and something of a major turn on. I think watching other have sex would be fun in the right setting and being watched would be something that I wouldn’t say no to either.

I don’t think it will ever happen that I will feel threatened by Master watching porn. It is funny that I didn’t always feel quite like this. I took the view that porn was something quite dirty, and couldn’t understand why hubby would want to do such a thing. Partly this is because I don’t really like the way most porn is contrived to look like something it clearly isn’t. I don’t like the posing, but it serves a clear purpose. Over the years though I have found that photos and film of pornography can be interesting and erotic. Perhaps I have lost some of the inhibitions I clearly had in the past, I have matured and discovered more about myself and my needs. There are a number of elements of sex that I didn’t enjoy with hubby, that I now do so acknowledging that pornography is one of them is no big deal.

When Master is looking at pornography when I am sitting or lying next to him, I often watch too. We both find this erotic and quite often it leads us onto touching, stroking and kissing each other and then more.

My preference is to see other submissive women who don’t look like they are being paid to do so, but rather look like this is part of their real life. I also like to see the Dominant / submissive dynamic played out whether during sex or other elements of BDSM. There is a whole world out there, often through Tumblr and when I see something I don’t like I just move on. If he is looking at something I don’t like, then I leave him to it. If I am allowed.

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