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365 Questions – Day 28

Tomorrow I will…………..

See Master.

More than that, we will eat dinner – I am planning a lamb casserole in the slow cooker. We will drink wine and I hope that we will spend some time rediscovering my submission. I hope that He will exert Himself as Master of me – this girl – His slave.

This will be our first ‘normal’ weekend since way before Christmas.

This is our opportunity to rediscover the things about our relationship that are important to us.

Ideally I would like to wear some sexy and kinky clothes and to be made to kneel before Him. It has been too long since we played together. If not tomorrow, then soon.



1 thought on “365 Questions – Day 28”

  1. I get this . I think that M/s can be hard to sustain when it becomes RL and not an expression Of a part of you on a part time basis, particularly for the M side. I hope you both have a lovely time however it works out though

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