365 questions – January 19th

My current favourite website is………

I have no one favourite website, what I have is a number of places that I regularly visit for different reasons and that I like. These tend to change slightly over time and depending on mood.

Social media – generally I visit Facebook far too much, I like to keep up with family, my slimming world and to see what Master might have shared today. Twitter, I like to look at to see what is trending; far too many famous people’s deaths lately. Also recently starting to follow some of the sex / kink people from my alternative account.

News – The Guardian or Huffington post, though I am not adverse to viewing more right wing places. Less so the BBC these days, unless looking for news on my football team, Arsenal.

Cookery – I love to check out recipes, even if I don’t always follow them to the letter they are brilliant for ideas. I like Jamie Oliver and some of the BBC good food recipes among others.

I visit Fetlife when I am in the mood for it and when I want to catch up with events. Sometimes though I just find it too irritating – there is no one way and too many people there think there is.

Tumblr – Master’s blog and then my feed page. At times I am looking for a certain photo to reblog, or looking for an idea for a post but others I just want to look at porn. I am not sure where that came from in me, but it is there!

Then there are blogs; those I have linked to and sometimes on a voyage of discovery moving from site to site finding new places I have never been to or else not for some time. These are generally sex related, kinky, BDSM, M/s…….. But where I go depends on my mood.

There are more places, shopping, wikipedia, amazon to name a few.

The world wide web is a massive place (not to say that you can always trust it) and I am always open to new places to visit once, twice or often.

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