365 questions – January 16th

Who do you love?

I never expected to love again like I love him. The relationship, which started two years ago online and progressed quickly to a real time thing wasn’t meant to involve love. It was meant to be about play in the BDSM sense and it was meant to be temporary.

Those expectations quickly changed as we recognised not only a desire in each other, but true and deep love.

I really do love Master:

I love him with my heart, in the way that I get excited not only when I can see him in the flesh but also when I speak to him, and even when he texts me.

I love him with my mind; he has opened up so many opportunities: reading, concerts, plays and musicals. Plus the discussions we have about just anything. I love the way we both get so much fun from people watching, I love the way we laugh so much, the way we can be serious one minute and just so full of fun the next.

I love him with my body. This man quickly came to recognise what I needed, both in terms of the way I could give him the pleasure he desires, but also the way he gets so much pleasure through me. He arouses me like no man ever has before. I love the way a word, a touch a look can have such an effect on me. I love the look in his eyes as he again recognises that the power he has over me just increases his desire for me.

On new years day morning after something of a heavy night, he traced my body with his fingers. He told me how much he wanted and needed me and he told me how much he loved me. Loved me more than he had previously known.

This love is true love and it is something that I will guard and protect at all costs.

I love Him

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