365 Questions – January 15th

Who last called you on the phone?

In terms of an actual telephone, mobile or landline, I think the last person who called me was a work colleague who was telling me she had arrived at my office building for our meeting. But I don’t think that is particularly interesting since it was a very short call for a specific purpose. Instead I think today I shall talk about how Master and I are communicating while he is in Spain and I am here. Speaking on the phone would cost money and while hearing his voice would be great, seeing him on Skype suits us much better.

He called me last  night at around 10.30pm and we chatted for a good couple of hours until I went to bed. This is the way we chat to each other most of the time when we are apart, and I love to be able to see him, his facial expressions and what he is up to while we chat. Our conversations this week have been about what we are both up to on each day, work for me and mooching around Seville for him. We chat about things we have done in the past together and about things we plan to do and places we want to go. We seem to be spending a bit too much time discussing politics and other current affairs type stuff and that really is not such a good thing, since we often tend to have to agree to disagree on our respective view points. Still it is fun to have such discussions even if we aren’t agreeing.

With just a week to go until I see him, I know I can look forward to a few more calls this coming week.

So in answer to the question, Master was the last person to call. By Skype rather than on the telephone. Yippee for the internet!

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