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Kink of the week – Semen

As a few people have mentioned in response to this topic, we girls don’t always have a history of enjoying the experience of tasting or feeling our lover’s semen. But when the relationship is right and we are given the opportunity to know more about ourselves and our lover then this is one of the things we also come to enjoy. Such has been the case for me.

Before Master there was S and before that hubby. With hubby, for a reason i cannot explain, I found no pleasure in sucking cock or indeed in experiencing the warm damp feeling of his cum. I am not sure he enjoyed it himself, indeed perhaps he found it almost repulsive, something to consign to a tissue. Perhaps that is the clue.
With S, I was encouraged to enjoy his cock, which I did and to taste and feel his spunk. I did these things, as I knew it was what he wanted from me and gradually I began to enjoy.
Things with Master have moved on in spades though. I love the taste and feel of His cock and gradually I have learned to savour the different substances that emerge from it. The taste is not always perfect, it depends on what he has consumed in the day or so before. But it is always an interesting experience. Part of this is the fact that he has no fear of either of our bodily fluids, indeed he feels they are part of the overall experience of our sex life. But it is not all about taste, it is about feel and about being used about being his slave.
Early on in our relationship Master told me that he no longer wished me to shave. I had assumed this was something all Dominants wanted after my experience of S and reading blogs, fetlife and other websites. No, he wanted me to grow a cultured bush that he could use as a landing mat! It took both he and I by surprise that it took quite so many months to grow my bush back into any kind of hairy place, but that is what exists now. What is more, it is my eternal pride to say that Master loves the feel of that place so much the the touches it frequently when the opportunity arises.
Often I can see that he is considering where to shoot his load; my mouth, my cunt, arse, or indeed the silky fur (as he calls it) of my bush or some other place on my body. Where ever it goes it will be hot, salty or sweet and it will have that special smell that I have come to love, but we are middle aged people so this is a one off thing today, and he is the boss, he choses and I enjoy that choice.

5 thoughts on “Kink of the week – Semen”

  1. When I first married my wife, Joy, she despised the taste of semen. With time and trust and practice, however, she has made progress. While she doesn't necessarily relish it, and I would say she hasn't come as far as you have, she's reached a point where she can tolerate the taste. The blow job itself, she enjoys–she tells me she likes knowing that she's giving me pleasure–and now that she doesn't dread the ending, it's a much more satisfying experience for us both.

    Like your Master, I far prefer hairy to clean-shaven. Glad to hear I'm not the only one–for the past decade, this has been a lonely position to hold!

  2. I think that when you read fiction or semi fiction around sex / kink it is easy to believe that everyone swallows with relish, but the reality seems different. It is definitely something that I have learned to enjoy with the right person. Glad too about the hair – I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't more of us around. Great to hear from you Jake xx

  3. Where we married to the same man? *laughs… Like you it is something that I have come to love with a passion as I have gained experiences and now with Sir, it is one of my biggest kinks


    Ps… Do you have a Twitter account, if so can you tweet at me so I can find you @mollysdailykiss

  4. I think it really is down to compatibility, when something works well together it can be the sexiest thing ever and for me I adore Sir's cock and cum and for him, well that works for him too.

  5. I agree sub-bee, it does come down to compatibility, so Molly, no we weren't but there seem to be too many of us around who were completely incompatible with our partners. Luckily that is from a different world 🙂

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