December 2015

Meme time

A meme from PK via DelFonte  1. Yourself: happy 2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): showering 3. Your hair: wet 4. Your mother: happier 5. Your father:… Read More »Meme time

Kink of the week – Semen

As a few people have mentioned in response to this topic, we girls don’t always have a history of enjoying the experience of tasting or… Read More »Kink of the week – Semen

Not a travel blog

  • julie 

Just in case anyone was worried that MPB is turning into a travel blog, this post will hopefully reassure that there is definitely more to… Read More »Not a travel blog

A relaxed Christmas

I have probably never before experienced such a low key and relaxed Christmas. For enjoyment it rates really high; the ability to do what I… Read More »A relaxed Christmas