Taking what is His – Masturbation Monday, Week 64

It started with a few strokes, admiring the soft pussy hair he leaned closer for a look. Her hips arched up as the first twinges of arousal gripped her, making her move her body towards his fingers. Gently His fingers stroked the slick area between her labia, then examining the piercing he leaned even closer and she felt his tongue brush over her. Impulsively she took hold of His balls, coupling them gently in her hand and squeezing a little before moving onto the erect cock. Already the orgasm was beginning to build and for a while she let those feelings build in her. She moved her head to see if she could reach the cock with her mouth, but sadly she could not. He laughed out loud and made a comment about her inability to such Him. Instead she continued using her hand, stroking, caressing.

The tongue strokes were becoming more urgent and she knew she would need to ask for permission to cum soon. Feeling her body tense a little further though He lifting His head from her slit and began a count down, at 10. Even though she had felt she might be closer than 10 seconds away, the start of the count helped her focus and she relaxed a little. 9, 8, 7, the tongue returned to the clit hood, the clitoris itself erect and proud. 6, 5, 4 and more stroking and nibbling. She allowed herself now to be immersed in the final count down as He lifted His head and counted 3, 2, 1, CUM.

On command the orgasm flowed from her body and she felt the tell tale signs of her body beginning to shudder and hot and sweet fluid flowed from her body.

He moved on top of her now and she told Him how much she needed to feel that hard cock inside her body. Instead He used the cock to tease and instead ripped another orgasm from her through external stimulation this time with His cock.

Finally she felt Him fill her. The masturbation part had ended and the penetration had begun.


Before I started on this journey to submission, I had never modified my body or hair to please another person. Indeed, I was actually quite resistant to requests from hubby to do so. At times, I did shave my pussy for his pleasure, but those times were rare. As for the hair on my head, well I chose the style and he either liked it or didn’t.

Things are different now. It isn’t just that i have agreed to be slave to Master that makes me want to make the changes he desires (well I don’t think it is), rather it is also because I love him and because I trust his judgement on these things.

There are two areas of hair that he is particularly interested in – the hair on my head and that which now covers my genital areas. He prefers the hair on my head cut short, something that I have now complied with, though it has been a gradual process from mid length to short. Last time I asked my hair stylist to cut around my ears and I am very pleased with the result. Many people, including Master have commented and say it really suits me. Now though he would like that area above my ears shaved so that it is just that bit shorter, but I am nervous about it. Partly that is about me needing to ask the stylist to cut it in that way, but also because I wonder if the reaction of others (with the exception of Master) will be less positive. He feels that it will show my kinkiness to others, though of course that might only apply to those who know such a thing. I have worn a collar 24 hours a day since July and very few people have commented on that, or indeed seem to know what it is. The same hair stylist has told me that she loves my necklace, but I think it is just that she likes jewellery of that type.

Conversely having been completely bare in the pussy area for S, Master instructed that I should grow my hair early on in our relationship. The hair in that area is slow growing, but now it is fully regrown. Unlike the hair on my head, it is still brown and what is more it is very soft and smooth. Softer and smoother than Master has felt on anyone else (so he told me last night). I have got used to it being there again and am happy to have it grown in that way. However I have now requested permission to shape it a little (I am quite hairy and it seems to want to grow in my groins and upper legs) and that has been granted.

From reading other blogs and also speaking to other slaves and submissives it is clear that Dominant men are not all the same in the way in which they prefer the hair on their submissive to be. Many men seem to like long hair on the head, but a shaved pussy. Mine is just the opposite, which in a way is reflected in him as a person. No one could ever accuse him of conforming to anyone else’s ideas of a social norm. He is his own person and I am pleased to be part of that. It doesn’t mean however that making those, apparently small, changes are always easy. In the end though I generally do as I am told. That of course is the slave in me.