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Sex and obsession on a Saturday

Saturday for us started slowly. We woke late (well late for me) and spent time just browsing the net and chatting. It was clear to me what kind of websites Master was browsing on his phone, since he was rubbing his cock as he studied his phone. Soon he moved onto me, the object I am pleased to say, of his desire. He started as he often does with my nipples, pinching and then sucking them and quickly the first orgasm was offered to me; of course I took what was on offer. Then Master was ready to take possession of his cunt, feeling very pleased with himself as I told him that this cunt was inside His cunt. The use of objectification is becoming an increasing part of our sex life. He loves me to describe myself as a bitch or cunt and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this really does turn me on.

A little later, showered and having had our morning coffee we left to drive to the station to get the train to Sexpo UK

Sexpo, which was on all over the weekend was a combination of exhibition, live entertainment including pole and other exotic dancing, stalls selling various sex related products. A number of very busty, scantily clad porn actresses sat behind desks, signing photos and sometimes emerging from the safety of their stalls to pose for paid for photos. There was also a petting zoo – which apart from a few of the toys was probably the most BDSM related part.  The exhibition was held at London’s main exhibition centre, at the same time as the Good Food Show. Funnily enough few of the people visiting the food show would even have known what was going on next door.

Events like Sexpo bring out an interesting range of people. Those who appear to have wandered in by mistake (though since security was tight that wouldn’t have been the case) and seemed a little bemused, though interested by their surroundings. Then there were people whose entire experience of sex is probably porn films, plus maybe the rubber bottoms (asses) on offer, next the fifty shades generation, dipping their toes into the bigger world of sex toys, corsets, short skirts and rubber / latex. Finally there were just a few people clearly part of the BDSM lifestyle; I only saw a couple of people wearing collars, one or two women wearing little more than a bra, or not even that, then of course there were the pets. But there was no real sign of the kind of people you usually get at alternative markets and fairs. The most bizarre thing we saw was a naked guy who was painting portraits, while people posed, with his penis – I kid you not! I asked Master if dipping your cock in paint and using it as a brush all day would make it sore, he said he thought it would.

I had thought I might buy myself some new item of clothing, but apart from the corsets didn’t see much I wanted, and anyway as Master pointed out I am still in the process of getting to the weight I would like to be. So I ended up buying nothing. Master made a study of various floggers and other implements and we generally looked around, but came away empty handed. It was a fun way to spend an hour or two.

Next we grabbed an early dinner before crossing London to get to the BFI where we had tickets for the 1987 film of sex, lust and obsession – Fatal Attraction. Master had never seen the film before, but I had. In 1987 I was still newly married, and in my mid 20s. It was the kind of film hubby and I went to see during that time, popular, a little raunchy and starring Michel Douglas as Dan. I remember that I found it exciting and just a little scary, since Glenn Close plays such a crazy woman who you didn’t know what she would do next.

Observations in 2015 are that the film still has the suspense that it always did but that it is mystifying to know how Michael Douglas’ character didn’t see through Alex’s (Glenn Close) in the first 10 minutes. 1987 was pretty much the height of the anxiety and near hysteria over AIDS, so I am not sure why Alex was able to get pregnant. I guess though that hollywood didn’t discuss condom use then or practise safe sex. One thing I don’t think I noticed in 1987 was that the two main female characters appeared to wear no underwear at all, but then I notice this kind of thing much more now. I am not really sure that the film has aged well, and certainly Master found it all a little far fetched, especially the scenes where Alex has broken into Dan and Beth’s house and the scene in the bath. Indeed a number of the very small audience found the scene where Alex rises up in the bath, having been ‘drowned’ by Dan hilarious.

Still given the rest of the day – sex and then sexpo, it was probably a fitting film to see.

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