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This weekend hasn’t involved being busy, it hasn’t involved staying in hotels, going to concerts or shows. This weekend hasn’t been about walking around London or any other city enjoying the architecture  or other sights. This weekend hasn’t been about people watching, cocktails or meals in busy, noisy restaurants.

This weekend has given us time to relax, to chill out and be comfortable. This was the weekend I needed, probably without knowing it. This weekend we have been at my place, I have cooked for us and we have eaten well. We have had some good wine and beer. We have watched some old TV and films (some of which I have fallen asleep to). We have listened to music, some of which I bought from iTunes on Friday night while apparently drunk! Last night we walked down to the local pub, just because it had finally stopped raining and we hadn’t been out. It was pleasant enough, but just an interlude from our chilled out, just us weekend.

The best thing about this relationship is the way in which we can exist with each other without needing to engage in a particular conversation. That we can just sit together and do our own thing. Not because we have run out of things to say and do, or because we have had any kind of disagreement. Sometimes we are just happy in each others company.

There has been sex. This morning it was clear that He was aroused and wanted to feel the power of His slave. The collar is ever present as is the knowledge that our relationship is one which starts and ends in an M/s dynamic. But sometimes just being an ordinary chilled out couple of middle aged people have a pleasant weekend is enough. This weekend was just that.


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