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Out of the blue

Life has settled into something of a routine, one that this girl is comfortable with. While it doesn’t involve much in the way of kink or any other visible part of an M/s dynamic, there is nothing dull or boring. You don’t get to your fifties without realising that this is what life is about and to be frank, if that life is happy, interesting and comfortable, why knock it? What is more, there is still more sex going on round here than at any other time during this girl’s previous lifetime.

That isn’t to say that a reminder of slavery doesn’t exist, after all, there is the collar and there is the cuff. But pretty much no one has ever commented on either – a lesson to those who think they need a discrete sign of slavery perhaps? For this girl, those things are ever present and you know that collar sometimes feels weightless, but other times incredibly heavy; how does that happen?

Contact with Master runs like this: Weekends together at His place of hers, and occasionally midweek for a munch or some other event. Most evenings a Skype call for an hour or so to catch up. Rarely there might be a text during the day, but mostly not.

So, today at her desk this girl randomly checked her phone and out of the blue there is an instruction.

When she next needs to go to the toilet she should write the letter G on her tummy and send Him a photo.

Not surprisingly she was annoyed at this instruction, especially as she had been at that moment thinking that she needed to go.

Of course, she agreed and then complied. But not before waiting for an hour or so.

Master has been saying that He needs to pull His slave back into line, and maybe today was the start of such a thing.

Lets hope so, since if nothing else it gives a girl something to blog about!

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