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Submissive Coffee Club – Prompt set #148

Unlike much of what you find on Tumblr, the Submissive Coffee Club is a place where you can find thought provoking and interesting thoughts posted by submissives. Twice a week, a prompt is published and submissives are invited to link to them through the #sccwriting hashtag. I have used some of the prompts here and on my Tumblr blog before, and in the absence of very much going on in my life right now, here is another.
If you were told a secret, would you keep it from your Dominant to respect the confidence?
It really would depend what the secret was and from who. Some secrets are trivial and some are serious. Some secrets can become a burden and so being able to share can be useful. You need to be able to trust the person you might tell. I don’t feel the need to tell Master everything, but he is probably the person I keep the least from. I have utmost trust in him. I know that he could be trusted to keep a secret and if he felt I would be burdened by knowing something might prefer that I told him. On the other hand, I doubt he would be upset if I kept a secret to myself if I felt that it was best to do so and it wasn’t going to cause me any kind of distress. 
Do you have secrets that you don’t share with your Dominant?
Keeping secrets from each other when you are in a serious, loving relationship is not a good thing. They can be the source of misunderstandings, of mistrust and can lead to unpleasant situations. I feel no need to keep secrets, indeed I really like to share experiences with Master. Not communicating properly caused many of the problems in my relationship with my husband and I wouldn’t choose to go there again. 
What sorts of secrets might your Dominant be okay with?
He wouldn’t worry about things that are trivial, or are to do with things or people he doesn’t know or isn’t involved with. Having said that, I can’t think of any particular thing I would need to keep from him.
“Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret.”  Jean de La Fontaine

post script: Thinking about things on the way to work this morning. To be frank the only things I really would keep from Master is the ‘secrets’ that need to be maintained through work. But essentially we call that confidentiality. I work in the English health service and am a nurse by profession. Sometimes, I just can’t share with anyone things that I have heard / learned. Today I received some information no in the public domain, twice. Not only is it confidential, but to be frank it is not interesting to Master. But even if it were, what is the point?

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