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The morning after – hangover cure

This girl felt a little lot hungover when she woke pretty early, the morning after the quiet night in before. She got up to pee and also took something for the headache and lay down wondering if she might be sick. Luckily as she lay remembering the harness and events, the feelings began to subside and she began to doze happily. Sleep was what she needed and then once she awoke again she would feel fine. She had not bargained on Master waking at that moment and informing her that he felt fine and in fact, was feeling horny.  

Master’s hands moved over his slave’s body, pausing over her nipples, rubbing and squeezing them. This girl knew that while she might prefer to sleep, that wasn’t really an option, therefore she opened her legs so that He could access his property more easily. She was already wet – no surprise of course, this girl’s body often gives her away. Pausing to taste her pussy, moments later He thrusted inside her. For all this slave told herself that this wasn’t what she really wanted at this moment, her body continued to give her away and she found her hips arching in response. Master reminded her of the numerous orgasms that she had given Him the night before, and informed her that she had many more to give.
He was right of course and she found that they were released easily. This girl began to feel a little spaced out as her submission took over and she gave Master what He wanted. On top now, she ground into Him, rubbing herself on his pelvis as she moved on top of Him. He in turn squeezed her now hard nipples, informing her that they were harder than He had ever seen them. Eventually she lady beside Him and slave and Master slept for a while. This girl felt relaxed and happy in her slave space and suddenly not a bit hung over. Master in turn seemed pretty satisfied.
An hour or so later, both were awake again and Master was ready to deliver His prize to her. She wondered where he would deliver it. He took her from behind and once again she felt the animal desires of arousal engulf her again as she orgasmed for Him again. Then she took Him in her mouth, before He decided to release His load onto her slutty body, onto the mound of pubic hair she is required to keep for Him.
As they lay together again, this girl remembered some more about the previous night; the golden shower she had taken, and the instruction that there is no need for her to wear clothes on her lower half when at home with Master. Today she wore a dress, but knows that another day, just a top will suffice. Something that shows off her slutty body and which is accessible to Him. Those thoughts turn this girl on and carrying out His requirements will do that too.

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