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Embracing the good feelings

The other evening Master and I were at the Munch that we have started to attend regularly. While there, I got into conversation with someone who says she has no understanding or concept of subspace.

Now the first thing to say is that we struggle to work out the dynamic of many of the couples who attend that particular group, let alone being clear about how the single people see themselves. I suspect many of the people are generally kinky rather than being into any particular dynamic. But a few are in definite D/s relationships.

The lady in question and myself were part of a small group chatting about lots of kink and non kink things. Master was elsewhere, chatting about man type things (machinery, fixing things, technology related stuff). Apparently she is a science teacher and as such finds the idea of something that involves needing to let go of the scientific, sensible side of her brain a step too far. I found myself trying to describe the feelings I experience as that euphoria invades my own cluttered mind and I allow all thoughts to leave it.

I too have something of a scientific background, though not to the extent she described. But maybe the difference is not your knowledge of the physiological processes that matter but your willingness and of course ability to let go of the realities of life. Of course there is the fact that I identify as submissive and we didn’t quite get on to that bit. Especially as I mentioned before that I suspect many people are not involved in this kind of dynamic.

This morning, Master spent time squeezing the nipples that belong to Him. The nipples of His property. Squeezing, sucking stroking.  Sometimes I wonder if it is such a good thing that just these actions can make me orgasm and send me well on my way to subspace.


2 thoughts on “Embracing the good feelings”

  1. Interesting!

    I really don't think I could get there if I didn't trust him the way I do, but that's just a theory. However, there are times, especially when I'm struggling in some way, that I can't get there. And I've also noticed the longer I go without getting there, the harder it is to get there.

    Maybe it's something that you just have to practice???

  2. I think you are right Misty, it is a place that can be hard to get to. Trust is one of the things that helps, that and the sheer weight of life's crap that infiltrates your brain at times. Once you arrive though it is just wonderful, I am so glad I don't allow science to get in the way.

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