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30 Days of Kink, Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy

There is nothing weird about any sexual fantasy I have, indeed any fantasies are part of something Master and I share.

He knows that I am not sure that I really want to have sex with a woman; I am not bisexual but going on a previous experience I am willing to experiment. I get that when you are in a state of sexual arousal, it might not be important who is actually providing that stimulus. That knowledge predates any thoughts that I was in any way kinky. What is more, I am not adverse to trying new things, so long as I have a say in what happens going forward. I am also curious to know just how I will feel if I see Master having sex with another woman.

Looking back, my previous experience in this area is pretty hazy. It was the girl on girl part that i remain unsure about, but then the whole thing remains pretty surreal, since S, I realise now was trying to tick off a bucket list of things he might do before he got too old to do them. That particular weekend, when taken into the context of his driving a trebuchet at an English castle (which essentially involved running around a large hamster wheel) and enjoying the quirkiness of his chosen hotel, was pretty sedate. The other couple were involved in something clandestine, even after 20 years together and didn’t stay in the hotel for dinner, much less over night. What we enjoyed was interesting but somewhat fleeting. However she and I have remained in contact unlike S and i who have not.

I am open to more girl on girl. Also to the whole 3 way experience. But, like Master i believe that this doesn’t need to be part of any kind of long term, relationship. Indeed better (given our brush with polyamory) that there is no actual relationship with me and the other woman or he and her.

I am not gay, I am not bisexual but I am curious. He likes the idea of watching me and her and I like the idea of watching Him with another woman. We are both clear though that we don’t quite know what that experience for us in our relationship will bring up. But I think we are open minded.

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