Variety is the spice of life

Or so they say.

Yesterday it was all about a speeding ticket we seem to have picked up in Spain at Easter.

Today, something completely different………….

Love being this man’s slave.

Recap on the last week

After a run of several days of blog posts it would be true to say that life took over and this girl ran out of ideas. Ideas and energy to be honest.

This girl’s last post was about Fetlife, and that post has had an interesting effect. It has led to her becoming friends on Fetlife with a number of fellow bloggers. That is definitely a good thing.

This girl still feels nervous there since it is a place that Master’s former slave can still find her, though, it must be said that that person de-friended her there (apparently this girl caused some kind of upset, which is hard to believe but is probably a good thing and is probably irrelevant).

Meanwhile Master and girl have been out and about. On Thursday we went to a newish munch which hasn’t found the right venue nor the kind of members we might want to engage with (does that sound terrible?). There weren’t many people and those that were there seemed to know each other. What’s more they stuck together and sat in little groups. We knew 3 or 4 people including the hosts and didn’t stay too long. So far our Munch journey has been a little difficult (us or them I am not sure) and is probably worthy of its own post.

Then over the weekend proper we have been busy seeing some silent films, a documentary about DW Griffith and an amazing classical concert.

It is amazing how Master is widening this girl’s  perspective on so many things, not all of them involving kink. Plus she is pleased to say that she has no complaints whatsoever.

By the way, the haircut went well. Many people have complemented this girl on her hair today at work. It is short and apparently people think it suits this girl. There is scope for something shorter yet!

It is highly likely that a photo will appear on fettle before it ever does here.

Fetlife and Crescendo

Our presence on Fetlife is not huge, it isn’t that we spend our lives there. Ok, so I am there more than He is, but that’s because I love to read the drama (rather than participate), plus keep up with a few people I don’t have too much contact with. Also we have found a Munch or too plus a some play events (we have been to the former not the latter yet). But even though I am not a big player there, I do like some accuracy and finally I have it.

Last year when Master and I linked on Fetlife He was still involved with His other slave. So, He listed our relationship quote rightly as “polyamorous”.

Since last autumn we have not been polyamorous, even if that is His preference. Today He has finally changed that status. I am now ‘in a relationship’ also being ‘trained’ and ‘serving’ Him in addition to our previous status of ‘Master and owner’.

Of course, you have to take the rough with the smooth since now He is openly looking for someone to be our third person. Since I trust Him and feel safe in our relationship, I don’t feel threatened by this, instead I feel ready for this next step.

If you want to find me there I am slavejoolz

I have been emailed by BORN.COM about a new sex toy called Crescendo.
I like the look of it and have pledged some money. If it is developed, I think Master and this girl will have some fun with this……….

Something has happened

It would be true to say that all the time she has been seeing Master things have gradually evolved. To begin with, the knowledge that this was likely to be a short term relationship played on this girl’s mind. This meant she tried to be mindful of her place in His life and the place of the person who was His primary slave. No long term plans were made, and this girl did her best to live by the day. The piercings were something she wanted and she paid for, plus they are only as permanent as you wish them to be. While no specific limits were put in place, neither this girl nor Master pushed for anything that suggested a long term commitment.

But now, we both acknowledge that what we have now is different. This girl says that we acknowledge it, but actually it hasn’t been discussed. The fact is that:

There is no other person
We plan our lives around each other
We are increasingly think of each other before anything is planned
Kinky discussions indicate that this girl has given all control to Master and that this is not just about the bedroom

What has changed is that:

This girl is willing to admit now that the piercings belong to Master and always did
Increasingly she wishes to make no decisions other than those relating to her work and her family
She is willing to cut her hair to His requirements and in the future will consider shaving her head
She is willing to open up their relationship in whatever way He sees fit
She wants a tattoo that will signify His ownership
She wants to wear His collar and wear it 24/7
She recognises her status as His 24/7 slave, whether they are together or not
She thinks of herself as this girl, an owned, registered slave

This girl wonders if it is time to review the contract agreed last year and for this girl to agree some new rules?


It is just over a year since, at the age of 51 I became a pierced woman. OK so I had my ears pierced at about age 12 or 13, but this is definitely different. These piercings of my nipples and clitoral hood are personal, sexual and are part of my submission.

I had already been thinking of writing about my experiences in this area, when I received an email from a fellow blogger asking just that. I have responded to her privately, but it feels like time to share my thoughts and feelings on this subject here. When I was considering doing this, it was quite difficult to find information that would help me decide whether I should take the plunge. Maybe then, the words on this page could help others.

Why did I have these piercings?

Firstly this was something I wanted for me. At the time, I wasn’t (at least to my knowledge) a slave. I was still in control of my own body (though not orgasms). I think it is important however to want to have this done. Someone is going to pass pieces of metal through parts of your body and that will be painful. Your body won’t be quite the same again. Having said that, a person to share the experience with and who is going to enjoy your modified body is important.

For me, it was something I had wanted pretty much as long as I have realised I was kinky, but didn’t previously have the guts for. S and I discussed it and in his more Dominant moments he talked about taking me to have my piercings performed for him. This wasn’t to be, but it is interesting that Master and I had only been together for 3 months before it happened.

The decision wasn’t difficult once I knew it was something Master wanted. At the time, I was keen to pay for them myself and claimed ownership of them. Ultimately though they belong, along with the rest of my body, to Him. But then, perhaps that is a post for another day.

Choosing the piercer / establishment

It seems that people who provide this kind of service are also tattoo artists – this might not be universally true, but I have had two experiences and on both occasions this has been true.

Firstly I tried to find someone to carry out my piercings though friends. Sadly, the only possibilities though this route were a long way from where we live. I would suggest that if you can find someone who comes recommended, then this is your best avenue. I next consulted the internet and thought I had found a tattoo parlour which would fit the bill. Because of the intimate  nature of what was to be done, I wanted to find a woman and it seemed that the tattoo parlour closest to where Master lives had such a person working there. Sadly she was on maternity leave. So, I tried a place I knew close to my home, phoned to discuss and booked an appointment, against my better judgement with a man.

I am not sure that the sex of the piercer is really important, but things like personal recommendation and cleanliness of the establishment are. Also, in hindsight I would recommend visiting the shop and speaking the piercer before hand. Neither of which I did.

The day of the piercing

Take someone with you. This is a big event, it will cause pain and you might feel a little faint afterwards. Also, your partner may want to be with you, my advice is to agree to this as their presence is likely to be a help.

The most important thing once you are in the building is that they properly plan what they are to do. I had significant problems with my left nipple because the piercing was carried out too deeply into my nipple.

Cleanliness is really important and for this, alcohol will be used for cleaning. If you are lucky they will also use a freezing spray as a local anaesthetic (nipple, not cliteral hood). The piercing will be done using some kind of spring loaded contraption and you will now be wearing either a bar or ring in the agreed place.

Afterwards there will be some burning, some pain and maybe some bleeding. But you will be on a serious high. The worst is definitely over.


Salt water and soap and water are highly likely to be enough to keep the area you have had pierced clean. I say this as a nurse. The clitoral hood piercing caused little problems, other than a little initial bleeding. The nipples, however were sore for quite some time. They will weep, and get crusty, but good hygiene will sort this out. We were able to have sex within a week or so, and since Master was going away soon after He did play with the nipples a bit. I am not sure this is really recommended!

Changing the jewellery

I have to admit, that even though it’s been a year, I haven’t changed my clit piercing jewellery. This is likely to change this weekend coming. But Master will have to be the one to do it; I just can’t see it properly.

The nipple piercings I have changed quite a bit. I had bars at the beginning and have had trouble finding suitable rings I can change myself. So I have stuck to bars for now. That too is about to change. The biggest issue for me is that you can’t just walk into the average jeweller and buy nipple rings like you can ear rings. Well certainly in this area of the UK. I have therefore bought over the internet, which has resulted in a few mistakes, though nice ones.

The first change is painful, but after that, it becomes easier and easier.


As mentioned above, I had significant problems with my left nipple from the off. It was really in the wrong place. After I had changed the bars (about 4 months in), the left one accidentally fell out and couldn’t be replaced. This in hindsight was a good thing and a couple of months after that, I had the piercing redone. I haven’t looked back!

The best things about being a pierced woman

They enhance your sexlife – Master loves to rub His cock on my clit jewellery; stimulating for Him and great for me. It also makes nipple play amazing.

Master loves that His girl’s body is altered for His pleasure – He really does love the power involved in this.

No one knows, unless you wear tight clothes – It is great hiding this kind of secret at my age, and it is great to have the option of being slutty!

I am not scared about having more piercings – I would quite like a labia piercing, but Master is worried about not being able to have sex.

The photos above are the real thing and the body belongs to Master.