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The 30 days of Kink – Day 2, List your kinks

Yesterday morning, while Master and his girl shared a while in a single bunk in a cabin on a ferry to Spain we discussed this very issue. At the time I was pinned at the back against the wall and He didn’t have much more room, plus the movement of the ship gave a feeling he was about to be propelled off of the bed. Still it was a pleasant and relaxing journey and during yesterday, increasingly warm and sunny until we arrived at our destination. But I digress, so back to the topic in hand.

The first He came up with was anal sex, since that is something I have only experienced since I entered this kinky world. What is it about it that is such a turn on? Perhaps it is about doing something naughty and forbidden? Maybe it is about the fact that in order to enjoy, you need to have such trust in that other person. For me also it is about the fact that it won’t be for every man, nor every women, but it is very right for us. Plus, even though you aren’t meant to have nerve endings in the rectum it is very very stimulating. It is a turn on and makes giving Him an orgasm easy. Something He loves too. For Him it is also part of the power that He has over me.
Next would probably be getting to show that exhibitionist side He loves so much. Being out and about with no underwear, so that the slightest gust of wind could lift a skirt and show that bare bottom. He loves the fact that people are likely to look at me, especially if it is clear I am wearing no bra. He loves the idea that others might look and wonder about why I am dressed as I am.
In the bedroom of course there are things like the electrical play, the bondage as I have already said and there is the pain of a good flogging.
Mostly though it is about the control. Of orgasms, of my body and the way He gets me to do what He wants when He wants in a way no other man ever has. I am turned on by the fact that I have modified my behaviour for Him in a way I would never have believed. Not only that, I have also changed things about my appearance – my hair and the piercings are examples of that. 
No doubt there are more, but these are a few of the kinks we discussed yesterday, perched on a small berth on a ship crossing the ocean.

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