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Tightening His control

This weekend this girl almost became a collared slave. The collar was a little tight (though it fitted around her neck, it was far too snug) and needs replacing. But the cuff as seen yesterday, is in place. There may be no collar as yet, but this girl has no doubt that she is owned and collared. It is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile there is the matter of the tattoo(s) – when did we agree to two? So this weekend Master drew on the side of the tit that He owns, the initials MPB – He has thought this thing through and this girl is happy with that one. Then there will be the tramp stamp.

This week at work this girl was required to update personal details held by HR. Master is now her next of kin when it comes to that particular situation. This relationship is all encompassing it is what we both want and need right now.

As He tightens His control over this girl she feels increasingly safe, happier than she has felt, well probably forever. She hopes this is not creating too much pressure, though suspects not.

At the munch we attend most regularly,  a new acquaintance suggested to this girl that D/s and M/s is a game that he is playing. But as Master tightens His control over this girl she knows that the person is wrong. This is no game, it is not make believe but part of our lives.

A very important part of our lives too.

6 thoughts on “Tightening His control”

  1. wonderful to hear that His control is tightening all the time…smiles…did the new acquaintance suggest that Your Master was playing a game????…why would someone say that who doesn't really know you both.

  2. i think that it was his view on this lifestyle generally. He thinks it is about what happens at events and in the bedroom. This girl didn't bother to correct His view since that would be a waste of energy. We know what the truth is, as lovely blossom do you 🙂

  3. You have much more restraint and maturity than I do – a comment like that… I would have either engaged, and probably in vain, or let it eat at me for a bit.

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