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Fetlife and Crescendo

Our presence on Fetlife is not huge, it isn’t that we spend our lives there. Ok, so I am there more than He is, but that’s because I love to read the drama (rather than participate), plus keep up with a few people I don’t have too much contact with. Also we have found a Munch or too plus a some play events (we have been to the former not the latter yet). But even though I am not a big player there, I do like some accuracy and finally I have it.

Last year when Master and I linked on Fetlife He was still involved with His other slave. So, He listed our relationship quote rightly as “polyamorous”.

Since last autumn we have not been polyamorous, even if that is His preference. Today He has finally changed that status. I am now ‘in a relationship’ also being ‘trained’ and ‘serving’ Him in addition to our previous status of ‘Master and owner’.

Of course, you have to take the rough with the smooth since now He is openly looking for someone to be our third person. Since I trust Him and feel safe in our relationship, I don’t feel threatened by this, instead I feel ready for this next step.

If you want to find me there I am slavejoolz

I have been emailed by BORN.COM about a new sex toy called Crescendo.
I like the look of it and have pledged some money. If it is developed, I think Master and this girl will have some fun with this……….

3 thoughts on “Fetlife and Crescendo”

  1. lol i loved your comment of reading the drama….thats what i enjoy!

    Im sure there are many great groups there and discussions etc…but honestly a lot of the time it feels like one huge giant school playground!

    i shall go log on now and add you as a friend..although dont expect to see much activity from me, i tend to read rather than participate.

    Good luck with finding a third, i hope the search goes well.


  2. We were part of the FL greeter team for several years and it really burned us out. We also inherited ownership of the balancing normal and kinky group, which was almost a full-time job in its own right. We ended up so tired of Fl that we deactivated our profile for two years and just logged back in a couple of weeks ago.

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