The 30 days of Kink – Day 2, List your kinks

Yesterday morning, while Master and his girl shared a while in a single bunk in a cabin on a ferry to Spain we discussed this very issue. At the time I was pinned at the back against the wall and He didn’t have much more room, plus the movement of the ship gave a feeling he was about to be propelled off of the bed. Still it was a pleasant and relaxing journey and during yesterday, increasingly warm and sunny until we arrived at our destination. But I digress, so back to the topic in hand.

The first He came up with was anal sex, since that is something I have only experienced since I entered this kinky world. What is it about it that is such a turn on? Perhaps it is about doing something naughty and forbidden? Maybe it is about the fact that in order to enjoy, you need to have such trust in that other person. For me also it is about the fact that it won’t be for every man, nor every women, but it is very right for us. Plus, even though you aren’t meant to have nerve endings in the rectum it is very very stimulating. It is a turn on and makes giving Him an orgasm easy. Something He loves too. For Him it is also part of the power that He has over me.
Next would probably be getting to show that exhibitionist side He loves so much. Being out and about with no underwear, so that the slightest gust of wind could lift a skirt and show that bare bottom. He loves the fact that people are likely to look at me, especially if it is clear I am wearing no bra. He loves the idea that others might look and wonder about why I am dressed as I am.
In the bedroom of course there are things like the electrical play, the bondage as I have already said and there is the pain of a good flogging.
Mostly though it is about the control. Of orgasms, of my body and the way He gets me to do what He wants when He wants in a way no other man ever has. I am turned on by the fact that I have modified my behaviour for Him in a way I would never have believed. Not only that, I have also changed things about my appearance – my hair and the piercings are examples of that. 
No doubt there are more, but these are a few of the kinks we discussed yesterday, perched on a small berth on a ship crossing the ocean.

30 Days of Kink: Day 1

Since I haven’t yet done the 30 days of kink, which seems to be a bit different from 30 days of submission, and indeed 30 days of me, I thought I would give it a go. Unlike others, I don’t have a draft folder filled with finished and unfinished posts which I can use during times such as this – when I am away, busy or just short of ideas. So here goes.

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What Parts of BDSM Interest You? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self.
Submissive, with no desire to be Dominant or switch. The main part of BDSM to me is the idea that I can give up control, that I can be owned by another and that I can serve that other in the way that He wants. I say wants, but actually it is the fact that Master gets so much from my submission that provides much of the power. He finds the fact He has so much control over me empowering, invigorating and a complete turn on. That in turn feeds my submission in a way that I couldn’t even have envisaged a year ago. I see now that this is a journey for me and for us and that the submission is developing and growing just as His Dominance is. If you had suggested to me before I met Master that I was a slave, that I would embrace being His slave so readily I probably would have fallen about laughing. The realisation that this isn’t a game, isn’t just for the bedroom etc has been a profound one.
After the D/s part then probably a key thing would be bondage and the discipline that goes with that. There is something completely liberating about being restrained, even though I often find some of that restraint painful and uncomfortable, it helps in reinforcing the submissive side of me. That part that I fight against and then find so fulfilling as it engulfs me. After that it is the pain. I am not a massive pain slut……..well it depends on the pain and the situation. So yes to pain with submission and bondage. Its all a kind of ever decreasing circular thing for me – submission – restraint and discipline – pain – submission and so on.

One of those general update things

On Friday we leave on our next trip away, this time an over night ferry to Spain and then over the following few days, France, across the Pyrenees.

This week has been about finishing up things at work. It has been about catching up with my son (and reclaiming the suitcase he borrowed) and tomorrow it will be about having dinner with my mum, doing her shopping and generally making sure all is well with her.

The last few days before holiday, when you are unwinding while being thoroughly wound up at work can be challenging. Generally I feel calm, though sleep patterns are a little disturbed, suggesting that I am less calm than I want to believe.

Friday morning, I go to be weighed. The slimming thing is going relatively well – I am trying to follow the plan, but often find myself choosing taste over what is advised. Having said that, I am enjoying eating more healthily and enjoying more that my clothes fit better and that I am definitely slimmer. But it seems that it is the hair cut that has made the most difference – apparently short hair makes me look younger and slimmer!

Then me and my luggage will travel to Master’s house and from there we will travel to the port and away from my not even very stressful life.

I am not sure I will be writing much here, but plan to fill some gaps with the 30 days of kink project / meme thing.

Hopefully while we are away there will be kink. But definitely there will be some life that is worth blogging about.

Whatever happens, there will be something over the next couple of weeks.

Tightening His control

This weekend this girl almost became a collared slave. The collar was a little tight (though it fitted around her neck, it was far too snug) and needs replacing. But the cuff as seen yesterday, is in place. There may be no collar as yet, but this girl has no doubt that she is owned and collared. It is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile there is the matter of the tattoo(s) – when did we agree to two? So this weekend Master drew on the side of the tit that He owns, the initials MPB – He has thought this thing through and this girl is happy with that one. Then there will be the tramp stamp.

This week at work this girl was required to update personal details held by HR. Master is now her next of kin when it comes to that particular situation. This relationship is all encompassing it is what we both want and need right now.

As He tightens His control over this girl she feels increasingly safe, happier than she has felt, well probably forever. She hopes this is not creating too much pressure, though suspects not.

At the munch we attend most regularly,  a new acquaintance suggested to this girl that D/s and M/s is a game that he is playing. But as Master tightens His control over this girl she knows that the person is wrong. This is no game, it is not make believe but part of our lives.

A very important part of our lives too.


How timely this topic for kink of the week now is, since, until yesterday the symbol of His ownership of me, as slave has been this chain.

I have worn it now for several months as a constant reminder of who and what I am. It is heavy, it is clunky and it wasn’t exactly made for the job it has been used for. 
The lock bashes on the desk at work as I type and in an often quiet office (where people are busy beavering away at their work), it no doubt has made people sit up and look and wonder about what the sound is.
At times, the chain has caused my arm to turn orange; specifically when we were in Spain and the weather was hot and steamy.
But I have loved wearing that chain, because of what it means both to me and us as a couple. It has meant that He is never far from my thoughts and has at times been a way of bringing my actions and behaviours back into line with what He expects from me.

But now, I have something new. A lovely new cuff that I won’t be able to slip over my hand and take off (as I actually could with the chain). Something more permanent and which goes with the collar that I will wear soon – when the right size one arrives (yes, we had a measuring accident).

But even though my new cuff isn’t a chain, I am definitely still chained to Him.

A meme about Him

This meme is from DelFonte at A place of Fancies. Lets hope this girl has got it right.

1  He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?

Cricket. Sadly He won’t be happy since the people on TV are being completely stupid, and don’t understand the real people who watch cricket and are generally pretty uneducated.

2  You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?

A simple french dressing would be great. 

3  The most striking thing about his physical appearance?

Since He isn’t tall, and has no overtly striking features it has to be His cock. Oh yes ladies, it is a force to be reckoned with!

4  You go out to eat and have a drink; what does he order?

If it is a pub, then beer, proper real  beer and if a restaurant, then usually red wine.

5  Where did he go to high school?
A posh place where really clever people go. I doubt they even knew how clever He really was.

6  What size shoes does he wear?

9,  i think 

7  If he were to collect anything, what would it be?

This is for real, He collects books and CDs, but this is not for the sake of collecting but because He needs those things.

8  What is his favourite type of sandwich?

Cheese and pickle i would imagine

9  What would he eat every day if he could?

Probably ice cream or trifle

10  What is his favourite cereal?

Nope, He is no cereal man. He is a man for lunch and dinner.

11  What would he never wear?


12  What is his favourite sports team?

A cricket team, but right now, sadly, since they play terribly and have a terrible captain (in His view), this is not England. But in the future it will be.

13  Who did he vote for in the last presidential election?

He is not American so didn’t vote in that election.

14  Who is his best friend?

This girl is His best friend and He is hers.

15  What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?

Say bratty stuff. At the same time He loves that this girl speaks her mind.

16  What is his heritage?

He is English and there is no more to be said.

17  You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind?

He would be happy with any cake but it needs to be accompanied with ice cream.

18  Did he play sports in high school?

Yep, cricket

19  What could he spend hours doing?

Watching cricket, listening to music, reading or generally researching things

20  What is one unique talent he has?

He knows more than a human should ever really know.

Lateral thinking

For us girls masturbation is all about applying direct pressure to your clit, or maybe your g-spot isn’t it? Plus it’s all about something you do for yourself.

Well no, sometimes neither of the above is true.
Sometimes it is about another person. 
Another person who knows you and your body.
It is about the fact that there are many more erogenous zones for a woman than her clit and her cunt (something that this girl’s ex hubby knew nothing about).
For Master, who controls this girl’s orgasms, the application of lateral thinking is always an option. For Him, the owner of not only a girl’s nipples but the rings contained therein (plus the rest of her body) it is about making the most of what is on offer. To be frank, this Man is an expert where that is concerned.
Starting with a few little tweaks, He pinched hard. Immediately this girl felt a twinge in her cunt. She wasn’t sure if she was getting wet, but it was a good bet.
He leaned over and sucked on one tit, while squeezing the other.
This girl knew that He was serious and that it was likely that she was already close (damn that He does this do easily). 
This girl felt compelled to squeeze her pelvic muscles and to arch her hips.
Master reminded this girl that all orgasms belong to Him. Of course, she knows this.
He pinched again and sucked some more. This girl knew she was close and she knew that needed to ask for release. 
Master granted that release with a count of 10………….
He continued to work this girl’s nipples and it was as much as she could do to prevent herself from reaching that special place before He reached 1.
She managed it and felt her cunt throb in response. At no time did He touch her clit, but she certainly came. That man is an expert when it comes to lateral thinking.

Figged and tied

Sometimes without knowing it,  or indeed knowing what it is you might have on a bucket list of kink, you can tick items off. Also, a you might find a photo on tumblr (in this case reblogged by Master) and suggest you would like to do that, and next thing you really are.

So this morning Master played with His girl. This was the position she found herself in:

This girl hastens to say, that this isn’t her, but is the photo mentioned above which we both reblogged. This girl was blindfolded and she wore a leather collar, but in her case it was part of a harness that also framed her tits.

This girl had waited for what seems like ages for a play session. This morning when it started though, she didn’t really feel in the mood. The position she was in was uncomfortable and then he put something into her anus. Something which felt a bit like a plug, but then again not. Whatever it was, she was sure he hadn’t put it in properly and she said so. He laughed and said it was definitely in! She wondered about telling Him to forget the whole thing, but deep down knew that 1) she needed this and 2) He would likely ignore her since she is His slave and anyway was far past the point of any choice in the matter.

He put on some music, something pretty erotic – who knew that Madonna had produced such stuff (certainly not this girl who stopped bothering with her during her adopting African children phase). Then out came the hitachi and everything changed. Damn that man for giving this girl such an amazing orgasm and then leaving the thing in place. Gradually the anxiety about not wanting to be there subsided, and the burning in her bottom started to grow. What the hell is that, this girl thought to herself. She wasn’t able to think much about it though since He started to use the violet wand with its various attachments. Some of those are very pleasant, and some are downright painful. But painful in a nice way (damn Him). There was also flogging of the inner thighs and the cunt. Plus there was the horrible snake thing which girl doesn’t like and we now realise she might be a bit allergic to. But anyway, senses were in overdrive, and Madonna was belting out “Deeper” just as Master decided to do just that.

This girl felt the warmth of His body between her spread legs and felt Him plunge deep inside her. Suddenly too she remembered exactly what she needed and today, what she needed, she got.

It transpires that the ginger this girl found in Master’s fridge yesterday was not there for cooking specifically, but to be inserted into her arse. This girl has been figged and tied to the Erotica Album by Madonna.

Deeper, Madonna

Meme time

Around here we are in a little lull before the next bit of action – In two weeks we go off on our next trip. We will be visiting Northern Spain and France. Things are generally calm in all areas of life, though work is busy. Consequently, any opportunity for a blog topic is gratefully accepted.

Today, a meme from Hermoine’s Heart

What can you see from your window?

From where I sit I can see into the garden at the back of my house. I really need to spend more time weeding out there, but I have made a start. I have cleared and swept the patio area and have planted some pots; mainly geraniums and petunias. I also have roses and some other shubs and trees to look at. I love these lighter evenings.

Choose 5 words to describe yesterday

Work, busy, frustrating, planting, Skype

The most memorable death in your lifetime other than family

Princess Diana. My son came into the bedroom to tell me that there was a message at the bottom of the screen on cartoon network telling you to retune to a news channel. I did and felt completely shocked.

Tell us something that would surprise people about you

The fact that I am now Master’s slave would certainly do that!! 

What was the last conversation you had with someone

At the end of a meeting this afternoon I stopped to chat with two colleagues about a problem we are having work wise. Master is out tonight and I don’t expect to speak to anyone till I get into the office tomorrow. That kind of thing might have worried me in the past, but now I am perfectly happy about it. 

Tell us about a kindness from someone

Last year, a few weeks  after my dad had passed away Master took me away for a weekend. But it wasn’t just any old weekend away, we had the most luxurious room I could ever hope for  including jacuzzi and sauna. Drinking champagne in the massive jacuzzi bath with Master was just amazing. He said that He felt I needed a special weekend away, and I certainly got it (and that’s without the joy of being hogtied!)

What was the last song you heard

Upside Down, by Paloma Faith. Quite apt, since so many times over the past year I have felt just that. Things now are settling and I feel I can enjoy life again.

What is the most expensive thing you have bought in the past month

A couple of really nice, but reasonably expensive dresses for my summer work wardrobe. My job demands I dress at least a little smartly with a hint of power (very apt for a slave girl).

What three things would you take to a desert island?

Does Master count as a thing? For this He does! Secondly a book and thirdly another book. I don’t really mind (within reason which books), but can’t imagine not having books with me.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I asked Master this question last night. He said He planned to hog tie, fuck and spank me. What more could a girl want?

Spank week – submissive coffee club prompt #121

Our relationship is not really about spanking, though it does feature. This is an M/s relationship which is about the exchange of power and control. It is about sex, in whatever way He chooses and it is about me serving Him. But it is also a loving  relationship and it is about doing regular things, some fun and some mundane. But spanking is always a possibility. 
I haven’t been really been punished, but if I was it is doubtful spanking would be first choice. I suspect he might think I would enjoy it too much!
In my experience spanking is pretty painful once you get past the first few. But the thing about pain is that it is pretty close to sexy, intact pain and sex go hand in hand for me. Hence why it wouldn’t be a good punishment.
Clip from tumblr